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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Baruch HaShem

In an earlier, whiny post that I'd friendslocked (and it's still friendslocked), I said my mother spent the night in the hospital.

She just called me. She's *home*. Apparently, she's been neglecting her diabetes treatments - she got a big lecture from her doctor that's also diet and exercise, not just the drugs, and they sent her home. She got lectured in front of my brother, too, so she knows we'll be keeping an eye on her.

And she's about to call my mother-in-law, who'll lecture her again. Good.

But the big thing is that she's *home*. Thank *goodness*.


Thank goodness she's expected to recover well and hopefully this time the message got through!

We just figured it out. She was initially diagnosed in her forties, and she first got on insulin twenty years ago.

If she hasn't gotten it in 25 years...:)

I'm glad she is home for the weekend. Not only because I'm glad she's feeling better, but because I suspect well wishing hospital visitors offering Christmas Cheer couldn't have helped

My mom is a lot more easygoing than I am. Those things wouldn't bother her so much, I don't think. It would drive me nuts. :)

Hoping that she takes care of herself and stays as healthy as possible. *hugs*

Actually, I'm hoping her boyfriend Lenny makes sure of it. She had a blood sugar of over 300 and an A1C of 11. These are very bad. She has to realize that diet and exercise are as important as drugs and insulin.

My father a"h used to keep after her. Now Lenny has to.

It's definitely one of the things a good partner will do without being told (and it sounds like Lenny is one of those from other things you've said). It can get very tiring if the person being kept after is resistant, though.

What a relief to have her home! *hugs*

Thank you! Yes, it is.

I'm so glad she's doing better. I hope she takes care of herself better, but I know it must be difficult for her.

She's been doing it for a quarter of a century. She should know how...

But, yeah, I'm glad she's home.

Glad she's home and it's fixable.

Not so much fixable as controllable. I just hope she does.

She responds to nags as well as I do, which is not a good thing.

Good thoughts to you and your family!

Thank you!

I'm glad she is doing better. May she have a refuah sh'leima.

Talking to her as I write. She's doing better.

I'm glad she's doing better. Let's hope Lenny can help her be more careful.