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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas in whatever way you do celebrate it had a wonderful day.

Today, of course, was Shabbat, so I spent it reading things ranging from frum mysteries to yaoi manga, and never actually made it to shul or to my afternoon class. Nice to not have to do anything, although I feel guilty about missing both.

I'm going to not read the flist for another day or so. I tried, and got really, really overwhelmed very quickly. Instead, I'll work on an essay on comics, and the stories I still owe. I'll see you all on Monday.


You know you have to tell me about the yaoi manga though, right?

I'm sure I haven't read it, I haven't gotten into real yaoi manga yet, but I probably know what it is...

I got tired of "frum" literature once they seemed to decide that thrillers were the order of the day. But that's not my favorite genre anyway so, meh.

There's a whole bunch available now.

Some of it comes shrink wrapped, too. And the translations are...well, the Tokyopop ones - Gravitation, which is driving me mad, use the proper suffices, which I like. The BeBeautiful and DMP ones, while much more explicit, aside from a bit of weird censorship, try to be more American.

My husband and I call it my porn. :) Mostly, as you can probably guess, girl-pretty boys, many with enormous eyes, angsting over being in love with other girl-pretty boys. And lots of school uniforms. And then getting over their angst.

The oddest one is a series called Passion, because they play with the conventions - it's teacher/student, which is a no-no there, too. The teacher is clearly in charge of the relationship - he decides when they see each other and the form of the relationship, and the student calls him "Mr." and "sir" (I'm assuming "-sensei" and "-san") *but*. The student is much taller and takes the "top" position, and actually initiates everything. So things are. Different. I like different.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Faye and Jonathan Kellerman are mystery writers that happen to be frum. They don't write books that end up with "only Our Way of Life is worth Living." *rolls eyes*

I'm not actually a big thriller or mystery fan, as it happens. I like Faye Kellerman, and Margeret Fraser sometimes.

What I like to read are the kid's series. It's a good way to learn about the culture, or so I think. This particular book is an omnibus that combines two different kids' series in a thriller about terrorists. It's not very preachy - or rather, it's mostly normal kid's lit preachiness about fire safety and not doing dumb things like having a bonfire without permission. Other than things about saying psalms and a family becoming religious *slowly* (I like that), it's not that different from any othe kid's series.