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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Yeah. I'm bored.

I have no pending work, other than, like, sorting some mail. Which will take two minutes and I'm going to wait until the end of the day.

There is one agent here (the one who annoyed me a couple months ago, but we're getting along better now, which is a good thing.)


Entertain me. :) I'll take recs to *long* stories (HP, Smallville). I'll take suggestions for story writing.

I could, I suppose, just pick a story from the queue. Which I might well do.


You could come here and look after my ten-month-old. I've had it this morning. :)

Stuck at work. Sorry.

When do you want to get together?

Blrg. You ask the hard questions.

My smutty recs.

1. SSHP. To Dream These Dreams + the two sequels by DragonLight. Only the last story gets racy and it builds up to it beautifully.

2. SSHP. The Dreaming Spires by DementorDelta. This is so beautiful, tender, it's almost haunting post-HP Snarry. Lots of good smut here.

3. SSHP. At The End Of All Things by milgarion. Sad, but oh, so good. At least, imho...

4. SSHG. Happy Christmas, Hermione by April Grey. Kind of an interesting take on the post-HP Hermione and how a displaced Snape fits into that world.

5. SSHP. Plight by Juxian Tang. How Harry spends his 18th birthday might surprise some. This story gets you in the gut, but considering the magical world, the Slytherin view and homophobia... it's not entirely surprising.

6. SSLE. I Was Right by Earthwalk. A delightful look at Snape's childhood.