Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comics December 29, 2004

This time, there will be spoilers.

Batman #635
I do love a Matt Wagner cover. And, when Judd Winick isn't being preachy, he's good. Bats is brooding about what just happened - this is normal. And who the Red Hood is - a man who cuts off heads while keeping drugs away from kids - I can't guess. But what's catching my serious attention is who bought Kord Corporation.

Batgirl #59
Oh, yeah. This Tim and this is Cassie, and even when the bad guys are onto their tricks, it still works. And Tim is not Batman, Jr, and doesn't want to be. He sees just a bit more clearly than Batman where things went wrong during gangwars. But Cassie wanting to be Batman? Given her horrific upbringing, that she wants to be any sort of hero, even one in the Batman mold, is a triumph. That her solutions are violent is not a surprise. Thing is, before this, she had Barbara a nd Stephanie and Alfred to keep her balanced. Now she's alone, and Tim isn't going to help.

Teen Titans #19
Speaking of Tim - I want to know what could turn the Tim we saw in Batgirl to the twisted pseudo-Batman here, because that something I need to see. Except we don't. We just see the aftermath, not how they got there, other than a vague thing about a crisis and a reunion after a few years - and that they split the country. Nothing makes sense. Especially the idea that Dick has abandoned Tim to be with his ex. But I did like the ending.

Superman/Batman #16
Nice to see Komandi again. Haven't seen him since Generations 3. And, oh, my. History apparently doesn't like change. So can they paradox Bats back in? Although one does wonder what sort of a man Bruce could have been.

JSA Strange Adventures #5
Finally something's happening. Lord Dynamo is annoying and long-winded, and I'm not sure what he wants with Jack Williamson, but this issue made some sense. Something tells me #6 will be rushed.

Legion of Super-Heroes #1
Here we go again. This time it's a combination of teen rebellion and politics, with twenty-thirty kids determining the fate of planets. Oookay.

I like using, mostly, the codenames I'm familiar with - I kept having to translate the last set back. I like the costumes. They ressurrected Phantom Girl's bell bottoms! I love Coloss al Boy's power and preferred name. I kinda miss "Grife" and "Sprock".
I wish we knew real names, because they feel like costumes. It feels rather 60s to me.

Superman #212
There's a reason I put this last. The comic book store guy said he didn't understand this series. I told him I bought it for the pretty, which is true, in part. Yes, I wonder who the mysterious man is, and I'm wondering if it's Bruce, if only because he's the only one with that much power who also has hair.

But that part is fine. It's the scenes with Superman and Lois that are driving me nuts. Because it is Superman. Maybe it's Kal-El. It's not Clark, and Azzarello makes it clear it's not Clark by splitting Clark off. And that is just not the way I see it. He's not Bruce. He's a whole person, not a pair of glasses or a cape. Lois married Clark, and here's Azzarello saying that she's in love with Superman. Which, to me, is that she's in love with the powers, not the person.

Because, yes, he has those powers. And he has that body. (And Clark is drawn shorter than Superman, with bit of flab in the middle.) But he's also the man raised by the Kents, and he's the talented writer and trusted reporter, and that's part of Kal-El, too. This book says right up front that Lois doesn't love Clark, just Superman. And that feels so wrong. That's the Lois of the 50s and 60s who ignored Clark entirely. She should love the Superman aspect of her husband, but this says the Clark aspect is fake. Which is a lousy basis for a marriage.

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