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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Comfortable and reasonably cute

Can I have a do-over for today? Please?

I didn't sleep last night. I had a hard time getting relaxed and made the mistake of reading. I didn't get to sleep until four, and woke up at 8.

Never made it to Pa-kua.

Tried to take a nap. Got maybe 30 minutes. Then, eventually, dragged myself out of the house to buy shoes because the pair I have now are worn out -the soles are peeling.

I don't ask much for a pair of shoes - they should be comfortable and reasonably cute. These shoes *are* - Easy Spirits, no heels, and just a plain lace-up oxford design in black leather. I have to wear shoes with laces and good support because I injured my right foot when I was in college - tore some cartilege. So heels and pumps and sandals are all completely *out*. I just hope to avoid orthopedic granny shoes. :)

I'd have taken a pair of those today. I went to the mall and went to Easy Spirit and Macy's and Sears and Naturalizer. If I got any service at all, and if I found any shoes that fit my criteria, they didn't come in my size. Or color - if I'm wearing one pair of shoes 7 days a week, I want black, thank you, not navy. I wear too much green to wear navy shoes. My size? Seven. Yeah, not one of your harder-to-find sizes. Or you'd think.

I left believing I'd get duplicates of my current shoes and just maybe a pair of nice boots - over the calf, no heels.

I'm wearing the shoes I came in with, and I'm thinking seriously of wearing my sneakers and getting these resoled. All I want is comfortable and reasonably cute. Am asking that much?


shoes NEVER fit me. i wear an 8 1/2 EEEE in tennis shoes so in dress shoes i wear a 9 EE. it's hell. any shoe taht's cute? forget it. doesn't come in my size. i can ONLY get old lady pumps and new balance. any other brand of tennis shoes i can't wear. it's pathetic.

I wear a 9WW and I buy my shoes on eBay.


My empathies on your icky day.

Do Danskos work for you? At this point, I own something on the order of 5 pairs, and they are comfortable, exceedingly supportive and cute. Most of the designs are clogs, but I know I have at least one pair that are lace-up, and I *love* them.

They have those *heels*.

Heels scare me. I've worn heels and then used a cane for a month.

Try Harry's Shoes, on Broadway in Manhattan slightly north of Zabar's. They have a pretty wide selection and amazingly helpful salespeople. Probably better to go during the week if at all possible. They tend to carry the pricier brands, but they do have great service.

I'm seriously thinking about taking a day to do this (it's a 60 minute trip there and back, so it eats up a day.) And maybe I can find the jackpot - a pair of knee high boots with no heels.


Hope tomorrow is better for you.

As for the shoes, resoling maybe the way to go to keep the comfort. I understand about not wearing heels. I severly sprained my right ankle in 8th grade and my ligaments and tendons are like rubberbands. I often misstep and go down.

Today is better.

I went to the shoe repair place today. His diagnosis? Buy new.


I'd recommend trying Eccos. I have a pair that I got before I went to Europe a couple of years ago. The pair I have are slip-on, but they fit very comfortablly with a light sock and I have fairly narrow feet, if that's a concern. My Swedish friend's mom (in her 50s) did have the same pair as me, but honestly I think they look reasonably fashionable and they are incredibly comfortable. No heel either.

Actually, my feet are wide. They're size seven D with no arches to speak of, and I pronate. I can actually fit a 6 1/2 that's wide enough.

My feet are *square*. :)

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Yeah. It's not just not finding the shoes. It's needing them.

Right now, all I have are very white sneakers and furtrimmed winter boots. I'm going to end up wearing the winter boots tomorrow to synagogue.

If you want the exact same shoe:


Free shipping and free return shipping.

Quick delivery, decent pricing.

And I reccomend my london fog boots- the heel is about oh 1/4 an inch? Not a heel really.

Thank you! I found shoes!

I'll still have to wear my overly white sneakers to work and my snow boots to shul tomorrow, but I'll have shoes by the end of the week.

Sometimes I get my Easy Spirits from the www.easyspirit.com web site -- they have more sizes & colors. Wissota Trader also carries a lot of comfy shoes in large sizes.

It's not the large size. Seven isn't large, is it? It's the *style*.

I think it was shopping this week, too. Inventory has to be low right now.

Ugh. I hope tomorrow is better.

I have trouble with shoes, too -- I won't wear heels, and I have wide feet so anything where the toes come to anything resembling a point is out. I've had reasonable luck with Munro, though what I'm currently wearing is some non-name brand from Payless that cost $12 and exactly fit. I hope that wasn't a fluke.

It is better. :)

I buy all of my shoes (just about) online. Easyspirit.com is ok, but I've recently found great deals and great shoes (including Easy Spirits) on qboutlet.com. Good luck!

Thank you! I got shoes!

I have larger feet - about a 9 - and need extra room for orthotics because of plantar fasciitis and bone spurs. I totally hear you about the heels! (And they're bad for people with normal feet, anyway - one of my pet crusades.)

I mostly buy men's shoes. They tend to be roomier and sturdier than women's shoes of the equivalent size, and the salesclerks rarely look at me funny. And plain oxfords look the same whether they're men's or women's.

My feet are not large, they're just flat and wide, with narrow heels. I don't think men's shoes would work even if I were religiously permitted to wear them, which is a problem all by itself.

There is an Easy Spirit shop on eBay. I don't have the URL because that's not what I normally buy but finding them should be easy.