Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comfortable and reasonably cute

Can I have a do-over for today? Please?

I didn't sleep last night. I had a hard time getting relaxed and made the mistake of reading. I didn't get to sleep until four, and woke up at 8.

Never made it to Pa-kua.

Tried to take a nap. Got maybe 30 minutes. Then, eventually, dragged myself out of the house to buy shoes because the pair I have now are worn out -the soles are peeling.

I don't ask much for a pair of shoes - they should be comfortable and reasonably cute. These shoes *are* - Easy Spirits, no heels, and just a plain lace-up oxford design in black leather. I have to wear shoes with laces and good support because I injured my right foot when I was in college - tore some cartilege. So heels and pumps and sandals are all completely *out*. I just hope to avoid orthopedic granny shoes. :)

I'd have taken a pair of those today. I went to the mall and went to Easy Spirit and Macy's and Sears and Naturalizer. If I got any service at all, and if I found any shoes that fit my criteria, they didn't come in my size. Or color - if I'm wearing one pair of shoes 7 days a week, I want black, thank you, not navy. I wear too much green to wear navy shoes. My size? Seven. Yeah, not one of your harder-to-find sizes. Or you'd think.

I left believing I'd get duplicates of my current shoes and just maybe a pair of nice boots - over the calf, no heels.

I'm wearing the shoes I came in with, and I'm thinking seriously of wearing my sneakers and getting these resoled. All I want is comfortable and reasonably cute. Am asking that much?
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