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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I cannot be sick.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have done none of the shopping required for Friday. I cannot be sick.



It's an early Friday, no less. I have to make shabbos tonight, all of it, because my husband is having a procedure tomorrow and there will be no time for cooking then.

Good luck getting it together tomorrow. Feel better!

B'Hatzlacha to your husband.

I know that making a proper Shabbat is very important to you, but as long as you do it before 4:30 Friday afternoon or so, can't you order a whole bunch of takeout?

EEEP! It's Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday! When did that happen?!?

Thanks for posting this. Life would be Far Too Interesting if I forgot to thaw something before going to bed.

i'm making your lamb stew :)

i hope you're not sicky!