Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My day so far

1. I am in need of coffee
2. I woke up at 7AM, and completed a chapter in my current story. Which means I am now up to two chapters of Harry molesting Snape. I handwrote it on my pda so that the clicking of the tiny thumbkeys wouldn't wake up my husband.
3. Still need coffee.
4. At 8AM, I did my morning exercises. First time in months. Can feel the improvement in the kicks.
5. No water in the hot water urn. (Water from hot water urn in Melitta using Mexican coffee=good.)
6. Showered, dressed, davened.
7. Husband put water in hot water urn, but it wasn't hot enough.
8. Had actual breakfast. Still no coffee.
9. Got to work 1 minute late. Not a problem, but no time to, well. stop in one of the several coffee houses near my office to buy coffee. :)
10. Got a lot of work done.
11. Agents went out to get coffee and didn't bring me back any.
12. Withdrawal is not nice.
13. Only agents I trust to watch the phones are out of the office.

SAVED! Agent is going to get me elixir of life!

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