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At least, it is according to my definition.

I made potato-leek soup with salmon for dinner last night.

This is also the way one makes such a dish when the kitchen is set for meat because the kitchen is set for meat pretty much as a default (I mostly cook dinner and, like many Americans, dinner pretty much = meat) and one wants to make a dairy dish.

First make sure husband (he who is in charge of dishwashing) washes the dishes. He managed to clean most of them before running off for an appointment.

Come home with the groceries - potatoes, pre-cleaned dill, leeks, milk, cans of salmon and organic fake-chicken stock. Also sour cream. Because I used packaged stock and canned salmon, it's not quite homemade.

Note that there are clean pots on the stove, an overflowing dishdrainer and a couple of pots in the sink. Also, fleishig cutting board is sitting on the counter. Put clean pots from the stove in the cabinet and put cutting board in the sink. Replace with dairy cutting board.

Put about two quarts of water in dairy soup pot. Turn on high. Pour in about half the package of stock. Wash and cut up the potatoes. Realize that the knife is dull and that even honing it won't make a difference. This is because, since I cook dairy so rarely, I haven't invested in good knives. I have a good knife I want to use for dairy, but I haven't dunked it yet. Use Oxo laser sharpened aluminum foil that is, at least, sharp. Transfer potatoes to soup pot. Toss some bay leaves in the pot. Clean and cut up leeks and toss in pot.

Empty dishdrainer and wash remaining dishes from sink. Put them away wet. Take out dairy dishdrainer and put away fleishig one. Also change from meat to dairy sink rack. Kitchen is now dairy. Go on line and surf for an hour or so, until potatoes are tender. Let water reduce down. Add some cracked pepper. Taste and realize you need more stock because it's your salt for this dish, given that one cup has 20% of the RDA of sodium. Turn fire to very low.

When husband comes home, mash potatoes with dairy potato masher, and add about two cups of whole milk and a can of drained salmon. Realize soup is now too watery and let it reduce for about a half hour. To serve, add fresh dill and a small dollop (two teaspoons, maybe) of sour cream.

Have lowfat non-sugar ice cream cone for dessert.
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