Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comics January 12 2005

Another thinnish haul, but higher in quality, I think. Spoilers.

Nightwing #101 (Year One pt 1/6)
One thing I liked was that, even though he wore a Tim-suit, except for the all-yellow cape, he was clearly Dick. And, yes, the Tim-suit was really cold weather gear because, you know. Shorts and pixie boots can't go everywhere. And this was Dick and Bruce and Alfred in all their dysfunctional glory.

Batman doesn't understand that there's a world outside of Gotham, and that Dick's part of it. He's grown-up and he's not just an extension of Bruce anymore. And Batman probably still sees the kid who bounced into the Batcave, not the young man flying away.

Dixon just gets it.

Gotham Central #27
So does Brubaker. And, my goodness, the art! Jason Alexander is marvelous. It's not cartoony at all, which fits this book. And then the story - it may be in Gotham, with Catwoman as the prime suspect and a psychic cop as the primary investigator, but it's a police procedural that happens to feature two strong, intelligent women.

And the case is broken by legwork, not powers. About all Josie Mac's abilities did was rule Selina out. Just gorgeous to read and gorgeous to look at.

Green Arrow #46
Was it my imagination, or did someone color Conner correctly? Wow. I liked the old art team better for the most part - Ollie and Cassie looked weird. His smile is creepy.

Mia as a Teen Titan - good concept. She's not Arrowette, but Cissie is someone very different. (And, yeah, I do believe she's Ollie's daughter, and I'd like to see her again. I miss Young Justice, and this book doesn't and shouldn't have the same feel.) And, yeah, Tim shouldn't be the only nonpowered kid there.

Ollie still competing with Bruce with the kids as proxies? Well, at least Ollie knew that Tim, who has been doing this for years and who can hold his own against Batgirl, would pretty much have to beat Mia the newcomer, and she did hold her own, so good. But Ollie is so a soccer dad.

And maybe he's trying a bit too hard to be towards Mia what he wasn't to Roy or Conner (or Cissie.)

JLA #110
Part 4 of the CSA arc. And Our Villains are having a hard time impersonating Our Heroes on their world. Ultraman can't handle Superman's adulation, as opposed to the terror he normally gets. Owlman and Superwoman spend their time boinking, mostly, with Owlman afraid of the sunlight of the DC world.

And Johnny Quick and Power Ring, in the best sequence, have to play hero. In their world, they're the bad guys and there aren 't many good guys, so they're not used to fighting, but when they see civilians helping them out, they fight and win. And I do wonder if that will make a difference. Okay, I hope it does. Except that Ultraman, well, loses it.

The rest of the story? Shrug.

JSA #69
Alex Ross cover. JSA is, of course, all about legacy, so sending the current heroes to the past to meet their counterparts is cool. And it's all so different. The two Mr. Terrifics worked well, because send Michael back to 1951 and he's not a scientist or inventor or the chairman of the JSA. He's black. Nicely done.

I also liked the meeting of our two Drs. Midnite, but that could be my current Daredevil obsession.

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