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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Oh, thank goodness.

It was unpleasant enough to be without just this evening.

How did friends manage for an entire *day*?


I was just saying pretty much the same thing. I missed everybody!
Welcome back, LJ!
Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know it's here, ya know?

DO you remember, way back when, when people used to say that computers would reduce human interaction?

This *is* my human interaction.

Queued messages in my client, Semagic. Oh! If there's ever something that you want to post at a specific time, but it's on the Sabbath so you can't, Semagic's queue feature lets you write it beforehand and post at a time in the future that you specify. If the computer remains on and connected throughout the day, it can post these things for you (say, a birthday gift story that is done and wants releasing neither late nor early).

Wow. I didn't know that.

Actually, Shabbat's the one time the computer is off - otherwise there's a chance of turning it on accidentally if we need to find books near it.

But that can be useful...

I get far fewer "LJ ate my post!" moments because of my client. It also saves drafts, in case of crash or power failure.

I tried to use it as an excuse to observe Shabbat, but failed miserably.

:) Well, you tried.


Sad, but true.

Poor you!

We got GJs.


I have one already. mamadeb, of course.

Must have been a party on GJ.

How was this decided, btw?

Did it happen spontaneiously or was the idea spread through instant messengers and email?

I already added you at GJ. And as far as I can tell, no one actually said anything to each other, we just all sort of migrated over there. I was amazed that I found almost 90 of my flist. I created a mirror of my comm there, and now there is a mirror of the daily_snitch. It was fairly amazing.

I cleaned half my apartment, and did laundry. I actually ironed my cotton sateen sheets so that they were nice and crisp when I put them on the bed. I baked a cake. I watched tv and read the paper.


Ah. More testimony about the great time sink that is LJ.

Need to do housecleaning myself - parental visit.

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So - you had fun anyway.


I of course didn't notice the outage on Shabbat either, but I didn't get LJ service back until about 2:30 Sunday afternoon.

I prepped for and hosted a Minn-StF meeting.