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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Random entry

I got up earlyish, but succumbed to the call of the computer.

Note to self - even if you have to recharge the Palm, do not go on computer in the morning. You Will Be Late. On the other hand, it is not a waste of time to get stuff in the crockpot. We're having mushroom barley soup for dinner - exactly what we want on a day like this.

So I got to work ten minutes late.

Yesterday, in Pa-kua, we had to do a kick yesterday that required that we form a "T" with our bodies - balancing on one foot with the other leg extended and the torso bent forward. I think I overextended it when we did a preliminary stretch.

My right hip now hurts. I feel *old*. It'll settle down, but right now, ouch.

Yes, I am at work today. We do take some federal holidays off, but not this one. Just as well, since I'm going away next week.


Yes, I am at work today. We do take some federal holidays off, but not this one.

When I worked at FHA-HUD (late '80's) some of us wanted to take MLK day off to attend the parade. We were told in no uncertain terms we would be fired if we did. Of course that was the atmosphere in Arizona, a staunchly Republican state and the last state to officially "approve" the holiday. Per my brother who still lives there, the attitude remains the same - that it's not a real holiday and that MLK didn't really deserve to have one.

It's hard not to pull the so-called "race card" out at times like that, but you do have to wonder. It's not just race, either. IMHO, if a woman ever got an official holiday it probably wouldn't get to be a paid day off, either.

You could be in Virginia where they celebrate Lee-Jackson-King day, like the three had so much in common (snicker)