Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Yesterday, instead of being bored, I stuck on address labels for a synagogue mailing - my boss is the treasurer and I'm a former member and I had the time, so fine. But it left rather a mess, what with the backing sheets and so on, and when I cleaned up, I accidentally shredded a listing an agent had given me that I hadn't distributed or recorded. Yeah.

I figured this out when I left the office, and I swear it kept me up last night. (Told the agent when she walked in this morning, and she wasn't thrilled, but that's about it. Not worth losing a night's sleep, which I knew then, but tell my mind, you know?)

Today, I fixed the toilet in the office - my other boss comes out and says it's not flushing. We believe him and put up a sign and use the downstairs one, and then I tell my boss (not the other one) and she asks me to check. So I did. Someone tried to flush a paper towel. *rolls eyes*

I removed the towel and did some plunging and the toilet now works. I AM A MIRACLE WORKER. Except not.

Otherwise - I'm rereading Mansfield Park, which is one of my favorite Jane Austins and lives on my Palm. And, oh my goodness. The slashiness! Henry Crawford/Edmund Bertram. Edmund Bertram/William Price. Henry Crawford/William Price. Heck, Henry/Edmund/William. (And my mind even conjured up a scene where William, um, "convinced" Admiral Price to help him become a lieutenant in a time-approved manner.) Edmund offers to share his Parsonage with Henry. Edmund calls him Henry at one point, and we all know that first names are a Big Deal in those books.

This may be why I slashed Henry in the first place. Now I wonder if I could write some missing scenes.

Now I wonder if anyone would read it? Or an evil crossover with HP?

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