Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comics Jan 19

Five comics this week. Spoilers.

Gotham Knights #61
I'm not a big Ivy fan, but I liked this issue, mostly because I like that there's fallout from No Man's Land. She did take care of those kids, and she even let herself get hurt for their sake. I liked her reaction to their deaths and to the cause of them, and it all worked in my head. It was also pretty Batfree, which is interesting because I didn't notice until just now.

Birds of Prey #78
Why can't they pander to my baser instincts? All these big breasted women in tight and somewhat impractical costumes, or barely there civvies - where are the pretty men in the...oh, right. Never mind.

So Harvest harvests energy and skills, at least temporarily, and can then transfer the energy to someone in need. And, yeah, Helena isn't far wrong - she only hurts those who "deserve" it, and helps others who need it. Except, she doesn't have the right to do that, even if she's sure of the crime. However, I like the moral ambiquity and that Helena is allowed to have it.

And Zinda rocks.

But, you know. They do make shirts that cover the tummy. Really.

Wonder Woman #212
I like the book. A lot. Maybe it is the blindness. Or maybe it's Diana being tough and determined to prove herself and hating that everyone held back, except for Batman. Go Batman. But how long has it been since Plas played with the JLA?

The art was a touch cartoony. I can't say I like the heavy lines, but it wasn't awful.

The memorial at the end broke my heart.

Teen Titans #20
Like pretty much everyone, I don't like the Dick/Kory thing. They did it, it wasn't good, and they broke up and moved on. This is a good, healthy thing. Moving backwards? Not so much. And I don't like the idea of Dick just dropping out. Dick doesn't do that. On the other hand, Lex wanting to take care of his boy was beautiful. As was Timmy acting like a real boy with all his friends. The way Bats won't let him and Dick really isn't available emotionally to do right now. Because if Dick's mind were working, he'd be big brothering nicely. This was Robin's issue, and Johns got him fairly well, I think.

As for "Rachel Roth" - does Raven even know what Passover is, I wonder?

The Authority: Revolution #4
Here's the thing. A bunch of superheroes, many of them from countries not mine, take over my government? I would not be happy. So I'm pretty much on the side of the people here. And it's not doing good things to the Authority, either. Or to Midnighter and Apollo's marriage. Even if that vision of the future was false, it was still a Bad Idea.

I'm liking this a lot, though.

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