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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

We are here. We are home. We are safe. More later.


Welcome home!

Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Yay! I hope things went well.

And not to be a jerk, but if I finish something in the next two days could you beta it for me? It's short. (Harry/Draco)

Here, home, and safe are Good Things. Welcome home.

Welcome back! I was worried what with the storm.

Oh, and sorry for ducking out of the VSD (I REEEEEALLY wanted to hug you goodbye :( ) but if I'd stayed any longer, my brother was going to be Very Much Displeased with me. What I saw (which was most of it) was awesome! You and NTM were great!

Glad to know you got home OK. We'll catch up soon, yes?