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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New Browser

I use Mozilla at home, and Internet Explorer in the office. However, I had to get a new phone list from the Do Not Call registry, and every time I tried to go to the website, IE crashed. So, finally, I decided to d/l Firefox. And the registry site did not crash it. And it extracted the files I wanted it to extract. The whole thing went as smooth as silk.

I have a pretty theme. I have tabs, which IE doesn't have yet, unless it does in the latest update. Java isn't working great, but I can live with that. And just for a couple of minor things - IE doing funny things with LiveJournal, and I don't know what caused them to fix them.

The problem was simple but explaining is complex.

1. I'd go to my friends page.
2. I'd read comments/make comments.
3. Return to friends page. No change in page.
4. Refresh page. New entries.
5. Go to comments.
6. Return to friends page. New entries gone as if I hadn't refreshed.

I'd have to close the browser window and open a new one if I wanted the new entries to stick. I don't know why that was - that never happened with either Mozilla or Netscape when I used Netscape, and it's not happening with Firefox. But it was very annoying.


Firefox has an annoying habit of hanging on to cached pages a bit too long. There's probably a setting to force it to reload pages more, but I haven't gone looking for it yet.

It's IE that gave me the problems. Firefox seems to be letting go of pages.

mozilla doesn't play some things. i have ot have ie

In IE, go to Tools->Internet Options->General->Settings

There are buttons to select when IE checks for newer versions of stored pages. Mine is set to "Automatically" (whatever that means). There's also an option for "every visit to the page", which ought to fix the problem if "automatically" doesn't.

Welcome to Firefox (I love it and would never, ever even think about going back to IE)!
The friends' page issue seems to be an lj issue. profane_stencil has been having it too. So he asked if anyone else was. It would seem that they are.

Do you mean you are having trouble with Java or Javascript?

You will find that there are many sites out there that don't seem to load "correctly" with Firefox. What is actually happening is that they are constructed with bad code. IE is not compliant to current standards, which means that it will render a site fairly loosely. If you only use IE, you wouldn't realize that this sloppy code writing renders your site incorrectly (often to hysterical ends, see badwebdesign for some examples) when used on standards-compliant websites. This isn't seen as that big a deal to a lot of folks, but if you care about accessibility (as in for the visually or physically impaired), or you just care that people with different browsers can see and use your site, it does become a big issue.

I already use Mozilla at home, and have for months. I'd switched from Netscape. My husband prefers Firefox, since he switched from IE, and I've used it, too, when logged into his side of the computer. It's that at work I'm not permitted to download programs. This time, though, just to do what I was asked, I had to d/l it. And since the default browser there was IE, I decided to do Firefox instead of Mozilla. And it worked beautifully.

And isn't tab browsing the best thing to happen to the internet since, well, since the internet came into being? Okay, exaggerating a little bit, but I get so frustrated when I have to do something online on a computer that doesn't have Firefox that I cannot imagine how I worked without it for so long.
I don't think that Microsoft has offered anything like it, by the way. The only reason I can figure why they haven't is because it didn't sound sexy enough in one of their focus groups.

I adore tab browsing. Of the four browsers I've used in the past year, only IE doesn't have it. And it just makes life so much easier.