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Comics Jan 26 2005

Bit heavy on the Bats this week. Spoilers.

Batman #636
I've said this before. When Judd Winick isn't doing PSAs, he's not bad. He can get into character's heads and stay there, although that was probably too easy when he was writing Green Lantern. He said it himself - he was Kyle Rayner. Nice interaction between Dick and Bruce - and yes, he was the original Boy Wonder. And, yeah, Red Hood is shaping up to be Jason, and I don't like that. I'm not a big fan of resurrections. Did like Mr. Freeze and the lab tech, though. Nice, clean art, too.

Batgirl #60
Oh, yeah, this was good. Cass was Cass - brilliant with Onyx, who is the mentor she needs right now. Who managed, with one line, to teach her more about the importance of a secret identity than Batman ever did. And then the scene with Alfred - oh, yes. Another lost child for Alfred to watch over - and this one is in a different city and has special needs. Although that waitress got entirely the wrong idea. Entirely. And, again, nice art.

Nighwing Year One #2
Still living up to last issue's promise. Dick and Clark - and Lois poking around. The Nightwing legend - and Dick asking if he ever went back to his family. And Dick unable to not be a hero, even without a costume. Because he's NOT his costume. Because he has a whole identity - it's called integrity and somehow Bruce, or maybe it was Alfred, or maybe his real parents - probably his real parents - managed to raise him to have that. So he has to help because that's what he does, whether he's stopping terrorists in Metropolis or thieves in his childhood circus. As he goes back to his family.

Hmm. Dick makes families. He made Bruce and Alfred his family. He made the people in his building in Bludhaven his family, including an old man who wasn't his grandfather but who became one. He made Tim his little brother. He thinks of the old Titans as a family and he's fighting against doing that with the Outsiders. And that's why it hurt so much when Bruce, who doesn't understand family even though he's made himself one, fired him. I'm less fond of this art - it's not horrendous, but it's a tad cartoony for my taste

Robin #134
Can I forget this one ever happened? No? Damn. Because I have nothing good to say about it at all. The art is excruciating - cartoony and garish and they just don't look like themselves. And. Ack.

Dana is griefstricken, not ill. She might need residential care for a bit (although she's always struck me as a very steady and level-headed woman), but an IV? Really? And Tim is not that socially awkward in school. He's not Mr. Popular, but he's just not that bad. Of course, those were girls...

And then - then came the worst moment possible. A moment that would have had me screaming but I didn't want to wake my husband. Because it's wrong on so many, many levels. Bruce offers to adopt Tim. Which wrong because we know how well adoptions have worked out for Bruce in the past. And because Tim loves his stepmother, who needs him right now, and considers her a parent, as well as a connection to his father. Who JUST DIED. And just like you don't propose marriage to someone who just lost a beloved spouse, you don't offer to adopt someone who just lost their last biological parent. You give them time to grieve. And it's not like Tim doesn't have time. (And, well. How do you think the celebrity press will react when Bruce Wayne adopts yet another pretty, dark-haired teenage boy? Especially since the last died in such a mysterious way? Yeah - we've all written that story, haven't we?)

And then we get Tim's reaction. Oh, my God. Yeah, that's right. You just put your father in the ground and your stepmother is in the hospital and the obsessive guy you work for, except he's in a whole 'nother city now (because, you know. Gotham doesn't have grief counseling centers. I guess there's no need because...oh, wait.) and what do you do? You bounce around with joy because he offered to adopt you. And Tim knows Bruce better than Bruce knows Bruce. He has to, just to work with him. And he's been fired by Bruce and he's been neglected and he's even lived with him. He knows what sort of a father Bruce would be. He should be running, not bouncing. And yet he still has to consider it.

One of Tim's strengths has been that he was independent of Batman. *He* decided to become Robin, *he* decided to quit and *he* decided to come back. He could because he had a life away from Bruce. It's not like he was working with his father. If they change that - no. That would be Bad.

And let's not talk about the cliffhanger. Because, right. It's so funny that they can't keep a Robin alive. And because, you know. We really believe it. *Sigh*. I've been pretending to rant for a couple of days, but I think this is a real one. sharpest_rose suggests we not buy this one. I can see why.

JLA Classfied #3
Meh. Nice to see the JLA do something, but I still didn't get into the other group of heroes. I did like the intros to the JLA, though,and pretty art.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2
I miss Interlac, unless it's actually there. And no one says "Grife" and "Sprock". And we only know one person's real name officially, although as she's Nura, I'm going to assume most of the names are the same. I'm saying "most" because Collossal Boy/Leviathan was from Earth, not The Land of the Giants. I'm also not fond of Element Lad's flava sava, but then, that's just because little tufts of hair on chins do nothing for me in general. Moustache, fine. Full beard, yes, indeed. Even a goatee is okay. Less fond of unshaven, but some guys can carry it off. But that tuft? Nope. Otherwise. Pretty art. Nice concept of kids being controlled and not liking it - and that the rings cut off the surveillance service. And Brainy was funny - although him and Dream Girl? I thought, you know. Star Boy.

Ack. Ack. Ack. Star Boy. Who, in the last reboot, was supposed to go back in time and be a Starman in the near future. Reboots. I hate them.

However, I'm willing to give this series a chance. It's still the Legion, and it's working well enough.

The Flash #218
This one gave me chills. Major chills. Johns did a spectacular job of getting into Heat Wave's mind. This character burned his family alive when he was a boy and I hurt for him even as I saw him watch them burn. We could see him fight and sublimate and fight and succumb and, my goodness. He turned to crime to sublimate it. And then to vigilantism, and none of it worked. Maybe The Top affected his brain, but I don't think so - he himself says he was always on the edge. He tried therapy. He wanted to not burn things. Just. My goodness. And that last panel. And other details, like James Jesse, who changed sides and works for the government, playing with his yoyo. And I don't think he had before, so the mind control is fading.


No number. "The Torture of William Leather". It's sort of a secret origin story - he's one of the Four who Joshua Snow has been following all these years. He's also the son of the superhero son of a Lone Ranger analog. Except for the fact that his mother cheated on the superhero, so he's not. And he's bitter about that.

And the last panel is pretty squicksome, too. Not as squicksome as Robin, but close.

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