Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


My husband is brilliant. Or I am an idiot. Either way works.

The computer was running slowly and iSilo wasn't converting a file. I figured there was too much going down and shut down everything, and that took forever because, you know. Slow.

But everything was shut down and it was still slow. So I ask my husband. "Check if something is looping in the background." Ctrl-alt-del. Processes. CPU. Yep. Weatherbug on his "side" was looping. His account - we use XP Professional and it's almost like having two separate computers. We killed it.

All of a sudden, it's a pleasure again. And that file? Converted very quickly.

Other pleasures - I made trout for dinner. Fish guy filleted the whole trout into two pieces. Utter fresh trout. I took a saute pan, heated it up, put in some light olive oil and a good sprinkling of steak rub (really) and laid in my trout skin side up. When that side was done (I can't even tell you how I know at this point), I flipped the fillets over. they shrank with the skin. Within minutes, I plated the fish and some microwave-steamed fresh green beans. The fish was perfect. Very moist, completely opague and flavorful.

I may not be great with computers, but I can saute fish. :)

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