Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Rant all my own

I understand that my quick is not your squick and your kink is not my kink, and so this is just a suggestion.

But I'm reading an rpg where, once again, someone is going to do body modification to prove undying love. This is a running theme in this rpg and so I shouldn't be bothered by it. Or I should stop reading it.

But. People. Come up with some other idea, please? Millions of people all over the world and throughout history have managed to show undying love without injecting ink under their skin or attaching bits of metal to various places. Really.

"Darling, I love you so much, I tattooed your name right here!"

"Your beautiful, perfect skin! Oh, no!"

Isn't that outlandish a reaction. Is it?
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