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I'm kinda pushing my way through Cybele's The Boy Cannot Know, which is not easy considering my teacher/student squick and the greater one about a man being sexually attracted to a fifteen year old boy, but the plot is intrigueing and jacquez rec'd it, so I'm trying.

And something I've glossed over elsewhere, but have noticed in both posts and fic - the characterization of Sirius Black as a "psychopath" or otherwise as other than a good person to be Harry's godfather. Prior to the movie, Black was, in fact, a BSO, usually slashed with Lupin and both as good guys. This has changed, and this must be due to Snape being reimagined as a sympathetic character. Snape hates Sirius, therefore Sirius *must* be bad (no matter that Snape feels the same way about Harry, who cannot be bad.)

I see nothing in the books to support such a characterization of Sirius, and I'm wondering where it really comes from.

The other was a more general slash problem - discounting a rival woman. In this story, Lily is called "the most uninteresting woman in the world." Now, we dont' know *much* about Lily, except that James loved her very much, that she had green eyes and that she was talented in Charms (much like her son.) Oh, and that she loved her son more than life itself, that she was able to defend him to her death and that she was as much a target for Voldemort as her husband.

This does not strike me as being uninteresting. I want to know more about this rather remarkable mudblood.

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