Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Rant #5 - Spam

This was suggested by cheshyre

My inbox currently has well over 3K messages in it. I make use of filters - each major mailing list, my lj replies, several friends, my husband, Contata - all have their own filter and folder. This means that the vast, vast majority of messages in my in box are, in fact, spam.

But this rant isn't about the poorly spelled messages and carriers of viruses that infect my inbox until I close it off - and which hide messages that I want to see. Although, I do miss messages I want to see, such as invitations from my brother or notes from friends or feedback from stories.

The reason we get spam is because it's cheap to do (it costs the same to send out dozens of messages as it does to send out one) and because it works.

People out there - *stop answering spam*. Don't click on it if you don't know the name or the organization. Don't even consider answering it. Delete it on sight. They don't need a big response - they barely need *any* response - for spammage to pay off. In fact, only zero will stop them. So,make it zero.

You don't get bargains, you don't get deals, you don't get anything but maybe a lighter wallet and more spam in everyone's mailboxes. And the software is only as effective as the its ability to learn,and the spammers, being humans, adapt faster. Ignore it, delete on sight and make spam more trouble to *them* than its worth.

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