Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Need an icon for "books I am reading".

This Shabbat was spent, in part, in the Regency period - I read Cecelia and Sorcery and began Heyer's The Masqueraders. The first, by Pat Wrede and Caroline Stevermer, was great fun - it's an epistolary novel set in an alternative universe where magic is real (and reminding me of a hatching bunny of a regency era Potterverse story that would NOT recast the same characters.) I truly recommend it.

The other one is breaking my slashy little brain. Because the plot turns on a brother and sister duo that dress as the opposite sex - she's very tall and he's very short and they're rather in fear for their freedom if not their lives. And, of course, she falls for a man and he falls for a woman. And, see. The subtext is right there for me - *her* objet d'amour is clearly in love with her, and this just gives away the main twist because a man in a novel like this would *never* fall for a *boy*. I wonder if his behavior was less - blatant - to non-slashy eyes? So I know how it's going to end. Which is fine, but I keep thinking of an alternate ending, ala MZB - "It's all right, I'm really a girl! See!" Shows girl parts to large man sharing bed with her.
"A girl! Oh, no, my lady!" Runs out of bed and across the room.

(And I lied. This was Georgian, not Regency, which allows for more extravagance in dress and behavior, I think.)

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