Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


We've had a lot of meat dinners this week, and, frankly, we're tired of it. So, I need meal ideas for tonight.

Parameters: Dairy or vegan. Must *not* need rice because we've had rice every night since Thursday (Veggie curry, side dish for chicken, veggie curry, side dish at wedding, chili, chili.) Should be with fresh ingredients I can purchase on the way home and cook fast. Low fat is good. Low salt is better. I do want protein. Anyone have any good ideas with yogurt for a main course? Also, no fish because I'm making that on Thursday.

I can get a fair amount of Asian style sauces/ingredients in my local stores.

ETA: I knew I could count on you. If I were Catholic, I'd have the Lent thing covered. As it is - we're going to have an amazing Nine Days. And I'm saving this post in Memories.
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