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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Miso soup

My husband just found, to my delight, a jar of kosher certified miso paste.

Now, I need recipes - ones without dashi, please, unless I can find a kosher source for that.


Hey. I make a wonderful oniony soup. Saute a lot of onions, add veggie broth and heat. Then dilute a few spoons of miso in a little of the broth, and add it all back into the soup. It's just wonderful that way.

Also, using veggie broth as the basis, with a few spoons of miso, and some tofu cubes that have been fried a bit first, and some seaweed if you like it.

Of course, you may sub chicken or beef broth as you like, but I can't give any thoughts on how that would taste, as I don't really have a good memory for the taste of these broths.

Have fun cooking. :)

Do you do fish at all? I have a good Miso Cod recipe kicking around somewhere.