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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, I'm thinking about getting a manicure/pedicure this week.

Okay, can't edit polls. *sigh*. Manicure *and* pedicure poll.

Poll #437622 Manicure

What color, if any, should I have my fingernails painted?

French manicure
Pale pink
Reddish brown
Don't bother
Other (in comments)

What color, if any, should I have my toenails painted?

Don't bother
Other (in comments)

Ticky box?

Ticky box!
Yay, ticky box!
Not another ticky box.


I think you should get your manicure in RED! :-)

Not red. Not my style. I'm an autumn.

I picked "French manicure" even though I have no idea what that is.

That's the one where the tips are painted white and the nail covered with a pinkish transparent polish. Very neat looking.

i like french a lot, but i tend to save it for special occasions. i've never stood up in a wedding without a french manicure, frinstance. :-)

I am partial to silver or platinum toe nails. They are very sexy and look good with almost any shoe.
I also like a shimmery pale pink on the fingernails, one that goes nicely with the platinum on the toes.
Whatever you decide, have fun!

Your whole poll is devoted to the manicure. Since I have had two pedicures myself, I feel more confident voting on pedicures. Please produce that poll.

My fault. I should have put "pedicure" in the title.

But there is a question about painting toenails, which implies pedicure. Although one can certainly have a pedicure without the paint.

I shall now vote in the poll. Thanks!

I would also say that you should make sure it doesn't squick your husband. That can be awkward.

Jonathan suggested I paint my nails green for a synagogue dinner. :)

He has no problem with any of the choices.

*giggle* Okay then. :)

Fire-engine red for toenails! Or Chinese lacquer door!

I always do an "American manicure" on my fingers -- it's more natural looking than a French manicure, and I get lots of compliments on it b/c my nail girl does a really good job. The tips are still white, but more of a pearl white than a Liquid Paper white, and the nail beds are painted with a natural tint (like a clear red) to make the nail beds look even healthier.

And I agree with the other poster who said RED!RED!RED toes -- right now, I am wearing a very deep, dark red on my toes called "Long Kiss" that I wear every year for my birthday :)

I always go for a matched set--I get both my hands and toes Frenched. That sounds dirty. ;)

what's a ticky box?

and when you get a pedicure, it's MANDATORY that you get glittery purple toenails!!!!!!!!!! it's the LAW!

I don't do glitter. :)

"ticky box" is a poll joke. It's a useless,non-informative check box.

I'm too lazy to get anything done to my nails save cutting them, so I might not be the best person to ask, but these days I have seen very neat nail painting - small flowers, in elegant colours, discreet enough to not be shocking, but uncommon enough to suit your tastes :] I don't know how much do they cost, though, and whether your manicurist does them. They would look nice on your hands. And leave the toes on clear or un-erm, anything.