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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

When does Alfred sleep?

I'm serious. There's no way he could sleep when Bruce et al are on patrol because who knows when he'll have to come to the rescue or do some mending - not to mention, just normal worrying. I suspect he *could* sleep when Bruce sleeps, *if* Bruce sleeps, but this is the man who brought Bruce up - and you know Bruce had nightmares and has nightmares, and Alfred would be the one who'd go to him. Just like he'd have gone to Dick, because I don't think Bruce would realize that that was his job.

So, he'd sleep lightly, if at all, when Bruce slept. And then he'd be on duty when Bruce was playing billionaire, knowing he'd have to be on call even then.

So, I ask again. When does Alfred sleep?


*Super* butlers don't need sleep! Whee!

True. I don't think Walter from Hellsing ever sleeps either. No, I'm serious: At night the vampires are fighting and he's helping Sir Integra --- in canon he's up at night. During the day he has to keep Helling manor clean, serve tea, deliver blood packets to the domestic vampires... it never stops. He should have a few beers with Alfred sometime.

(Actually, in the dub Jan Valentine calls Walter "Alfred")

One does wonder -- presumably, he slept during the day when he was the T-man himself...

Maybe he has actual servants to do the cleaning up during the day? That way, he could give his orders in the morning, take a long nap, and be fresh during the evening.

True, they do have a staff. But I can't imagine he trusts them completely.

Back in the day he guarded Alucard's coffin but he must have slept for part of that. I pity whoever woke him up early though.