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Three weeks worth of comics. Big thing - I did not buy the latest Robin. And I will not until Willingham is gone.

February 2

Detective Comics #803
And more and more of the Gotham psychopaths come out to play. And, yeah, if I were in Oswald's office, I'd keep my umbrella up, too. The plot is too complex for me to say much about, except I'm very confused. As for The Barker - meh.

Superman/Batman #17
A world without Batman. R'as al Ghul in NY Harbor. Lazarus pits work for Martians. And the evil foster parents come back. Pretty art, but, oy, Saturn Queen's breasts.

Superman #213
Pretty - oh, so pretty. And it's a trip inside Kal-El's head. And it still rings false - his father saved only him, yes, but I think for Kal, it's not on option to save only some. He would save as many as possible - and if he had to sacrifice Lois, she tell him to do so. It just doesn't make sense.

I also read Adam Strange #5, but no opinion yet. And I'll wait until Strength is finished before I comment.

February 9

Gotham Central #28
Why isn't everyone reading this one? There is nothing less than good about this book - art, writing, characters, plot and continuity. And when I say continuity - its own, Batverse and DCverse. If you read the other Batbooks, you wouldn't know that No Man's Land ever happened, and it's a major plotpoint here. And how do we find out who the bad guy is? Police work. It is just great.

Nightwing #103
Part 3 of 6 of Year One. Not overly fond of McDaniel's pencils, but a good story can and does compensate. I like seeing Dick discovering himself, and a different history to his costume - and it's not a disco costume, either. I need to know more about Jason, but that whole bit was weird, especially with Alfred and all. And Dixon still gets it.

Batman: The Man Who Laughs
Brubaker rules. This was seriously scary - I think it would have been scary even if I didn't know who Joker was. And Gordon kept talking about his niece. And then the Red Hood ties in with the current Batman books.

Why hasn't a GPD officer shot this man?

Green Arrow #47
Yes, a good story can make up for mediocre art. A mediocre story can't do a thing for ugly art, and this was ugly art. Poor Roy. He did nothing to deserve this. Also - hated the villain.

JLA #111
I still like the Crime Syndicate, but the Qwardians are boring.

JSA #79
Too fragmented, and the baby is just confusing. The part I like best was the quiet conversation between two blind doctors by a fireplace. Of course, my current Daredevil love might have something to do with that.

February 16

Gotham Knights #62
I'm not an Ivy fan, never have been. I think I like my Batvillains less meta. But I'm loving this. I'm a sucker for continuity and fallout from No Man's Land? It's beautiful. I believe her motivation, and even if she's doing things wrong, she's feeling right. Nice.

Birds of Prey #79
Very pretty, and a compelling story, and the Birds and Thorn are wonderful. I just wish they had less silly costumes. Dinah did quite well for years without fishnets and Helena's is just wrong for her. As for Thorn - she's a teenage girl, for goodness sake. She should have on more than a band-aid. I guess the folks at DC figure the boys won't read a comic about three skilled and power women with complex lives and personalities, written by a talented lady unless it's filled with cheesecake.

Catwoman: When in Rome Ch. 4
A dream sequence with Batman, a long fight with the Cheetah and a confusing kiss.

JLA:Classified #4
Sob Sue Dibny - the only member of the "Super Buddies" with a brain - and then all the pregnancy references. And yet I laughed. It was fun and silly and the characters were funny - and who are Blue Beetle and Booster Gold fooling? And the ending I liked it alot.

Teen Titans #21
Mia's first weekend. And, yeah, the other kids and Cyborg have been fighting crime and interstellar wars and contending with magical attacks for years, but somehow they're more innocent than her. Nothing Johns said - just the feeling I got. And they still don't know her HIV status. And I liked her description of Conner. And how Roy could not jump in is incomprehensible. For that matter, where was Connor Hawke? We shall see.

Green Lantern Rebirth #4
Big Ollie week, and what doesn't Johns write? Still with the fear thing - it doesn't seem like that much more has happened. Except the ending.

The Authority:Revolution #5
I cried. Breaking up the group was one thing, but leaving his husband and daughter? Poor Midnighter. Those two, especially Apollo, are his life and sanity.

Damn Bendix.

Good book.

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