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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
10 Things Meme

1. Walked from old house to new house and back because the movers packed my purse and car keys.

2. Had a program book signed by Danielle Brisbois.

3. Wore green nail polish to a synagogue dinner held in my honor.

4. Got Urban Tapestry to cut vegetables for my con suite.

5. Called Frederick Pohl "cuddles". (No, I'm not proud of it.)

6. Gave Leslie Fish a backrub.

7. Learned to play golf in a pair of shorts, knee highs and high-heeled clogs.

8. Traded recipes with Damon Knight

9. Had a child I was babysitting pull a knife on me.

10.Conversed in halting Spanish with a long-lost Russian cousin.


Okay, what recipes did you and Damon exchange?

Chicken recipes - I remember one for a honey and orange glaze, but it was years ago.

Nope, haven't done any of that. Do I get extra credit for knowing who all of those people are? (Except Danielle Brisbois. I'm not sure who she is.)

I did have a few conversations with Russian Jews I was not related to in a bizarre mixture of Yiddish (which I do not speak) and English (which they did not speak). I should have tried Spanish but I didn't occur to me.

Do you remember the girl who played Archie Bunker's Jewish "niece" on the "All in the Family" successor series "Archie Bunker's Place"? Stephanie? That's who played her.

Oh sure, I remember her. I mean, when she was a little kid. I didn't watch much once it became "Archie Bunker's Place."

9. Had a child I was babysitting pull a knife on me.


I was in college. The kid, age 8, pulled out a steak knife.

I was terrified - not so much for me, but for him.

It had been a regular Saturday night job. I never went back.

where was this!? sounds like the kid had issues....what did you do?

In New Jersey.

I managed to get the knife away from him, and told his parents.

And hit a guardrail on the drive home.

did you call his parents right away???? wow.

This was back in the paleolithic days - 1982 or so. No one had cellphones. I had no way of reaching his parents until they came home.


first of all, i'm pregnant, words with more than 2 sylobles are lost on me.

second of all, you make yourself sound like a bubbe or soemthing ;)

I'm 41. In a lot of places, I *could* be a bubbe.

dont be down on yourself. you're not even half a century old yet!

Who's down? It's a fact. I'm 41. It's also a fact I can do things at 41 I couldn't do at 39. And that I do not look my age but it would be okay if I did.

And when I was in college, no one even dreamed of cellphones. Or the WWW. Or Livejournal.

what can you do now that you couldnt' do at 39???

and when i was in college...um...2 years ago....yeah bad analogy.

but i couldn't live w/o the web. we've had it in my house since i was 6 or 7

Pretty much everything I learned to do in Pa-Kua. I can do forward rolls, front falls, back falls, back rolls and side falls - from standing, kneeling and squatting. I can kick with force, block automatically, do both hip and shoulder flips and bring someone down with the pressure of my finger to a spct below the ear or under the chin.

the only thing i can do now that i couldn't do 2 years ago is drink legally :)

41 rocks! I'm 41 and don't mourn the passing years. :) 42 is even better.

I'm 37 - Have I mentioned meeting the girl from my Girl Scout troop who showed me photos of her grandchild?

i'm the first girl from my girl scout troop to get married and start poppin 'em out

9. Had a child I was babysitting pull a knife on me.

Not unique, sorry.

That was the one thing I hoped was unique.

I'm sorry.

It was long ago and far away; in fact, I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it happening to you.

Well, I didn't get the knife, but I had a four year old (for whom I was a nanny) sink a three-inch darning needle into my arm. Apparently, she felt I was paying too much attention to her little sister. We had a "constructive conversation" about it, when all I really wanted to do was back-hand the spoiled brat.

re 1 & 3

Have walked from new to old & old to new a bunch of times for various olds and news, but never for that reason, because (a) for all of those moves I didn't use professional movers and (b) I don't drive. *g*

I know I've worn green (and blue, and various other colors) nail polish to at least one or two shuls, but I don't think I've ever worn it to a shul dinner (don't remember ever going to one, unless you count a dinner for everyone who wanted held at the shul), and certainly not one in my honor (not even close to that level of participation now).