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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just got next week's edition of TV Guide. It's the special large format cable edition, so I don't know if everything in it is in the digest size, but.

They have an interview with Barry Williams (Greg Brady) because they just released the first season DVD for the Series.

And according to that, it's the story of two widowERS and their six children.



the story of two widowERS and their six children.

putting a whole new slashy spin on EVERYTHING. I always thought Florence Henderson looked like a man in drag.

just goes to show how men freakin dominate everything. widow~widower is the only combination in english where you have to add a suffix to the feminine form to get the masculine form; and normally, if you don't name both when referring to a group -- actors and actresses, waiters and waitresses, etc. -- you just use the more basic form, which in every other case is the masculine. so lions can mean just male lions or it can mean lions and lionesses.

all this is completely obvious.

but let it be two widowed adults, and they can't both be widows, although this is morphologically simpler. oh, no. RAR. RAR.


You know, the show would have been much more interesting that way!