Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comics February 23, 2005

I think this has been one of the better weeks.

Batman #637
I really, really hope the guy in the Red Hood isn't Jason. Or Joker. I'm thinking he isn't. What he is, and what this arc is, is scary. All that kryptonite, and villains who don't blink an eye at killing.

Meanwhile, I think Winick is getting a feel for Dick Grayson, and I liked the cooperation against Amazo. See? Bats can play with grown-ups. wow.

Nightwing #104
Year One, Part 4.
Batgirl and we can see how they will be lovers for a time and how it's not going to last. And, my goodness. Dick is an idiot here. Taunting the Joker - who does that? And since we know what's going to happen to the pretty girl he's teasing and the young boy he doesn't even know exists yet, it's even scarier.

And I adore Alfred. But doesn't everyone? I think that, if he could, he throw himself bodily to prevent Jason from going out. Except he knows it won't work.

Bruce, too, is an idiot.

Outsiders #21
My goodness. This is a very Nightwing-heavy week, isn't it? Not that I'm complaining. And once again, I think Winick is getting it. I liked this issue a lot - I even liked the art, even though it's not pretty. It's effective, and that counts for a lot. And they were proportioned right, which makes a huge difference.

The whole thing - the scenes between Dick and Roy, Dick and Bruce, Roy and FauxBruce - were all well done and I thought in character. And then the twist in the end actually made sense. This issue worked very well for me.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3
This is seriously cool. Triplicate Girl's origin is, well, different, but in a good way. But how old is she, then? I mean, she had no education and an upward limit on her divisions,so how did she rebuild her world like that? Even if, as I suspect, it was only in a limited area?

I laughed at the three boys running for the bar, and I knew right off that each was seeing a different third. I liked the game of "secret identity" with Sun Boy (glasses, of course!), and Element Lad's gift of vegetation. And I liked how Phantom Girl researched, even if Bruce Wayne may not be the best choice of role model here. And Ultra Boy is always cool.

Still, she was spying on her fellow Legionaires for Cos, and while it was probably necessary, it doesn't mean I like it. Which is not a bad thing. Leaders have to do unpleasant things,and Cos is a leader.

And I so wanted to give Cham a hug! And "Micro Boy" and the "little people." Hee! Fun issue.

These next have to be done in order.

Wonder Womand #213
She's still blind. And she's still fighting, because Diana is a warrior, first and foremost. She may dream of peace, she may work for peace, but she is a warrior and she fights. And, as Palla Athene is her patron, she will fight for her. And she will do what she needs to do to win. Even if that will lead to war.

I never guessed how the battle would end, and that's a good thing because the ending was intelligent, as befits the Goddess of Wisdom, who dresses like a 20-something 21st C professional. And that is also cool, just as Hades dressing like a Victorian gentleman in mourning is cool.

Good thing I don't pay attention to covers, isn't it? :) Very good issue.

The Flash #219
Here is where we see Diana getting back in the game. And she's openly blind - unlike the Drs. Midnite and Marvel's Daredevil, she neither hides or compensates for her blindness. She wears her red scarf like a badge.
And I liked seeing two classic WW villainesses. Way cool, that. So was all the effects of the lasso on both of them - although both were in character, I think. And having Cheetah back in female form worked. Zoom is less happy - his powers are confusing and his motivations are even more so. The Flash's rogues have never been out and out insane like that. Except maybe Murmur. That's mostly Batman's territory. And the setup for the Rogue War - Flash is as much about the Rogues as it is about Wally. This could be good.

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