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My weekend

First, I'm somewhat concerned about the news about the GoF movie here.

If they have to leave major characters and subplots out (and I can understand that),why are they introducing someone new? Makes no sense to me.

We spent last week trying to figure if we were going to go to a friend's house for a Bardic on Saturday night. We had a guest for Shabbos (Harold with no LJ, but his wife is beckyfeld) and he wanted to go, and so did zsero. There were logistics involved, including car rental and I wasn't sure I wanted to and it got rather involved.

However, it was solved on Friday morning when we had Zev rent the car at my normal rental place, and he drive to Flatbush on Saturday night after Shabbat.

Shabbat itself was lovely - thanks to the efforts of my wonderful husband, the public areas of the house were in good shape. Along with Harold, we invited two singles from our synagogue, Rebecca and Michael. No, we weren't matchmaking. We just like them and thought they'd get along well with Harold, and Michael's brother lives not far from Harold. Dinner went well - all the food turned out perfectly. After dinner, and making up the futon for Harold, I spent the rest of the night doing "homework" - I was teaching the next day. Ki Tisa - longest parasha in the Torah (it's the one with the Golden Calf.) So I had to read the parasha and then maybe commentaries. Except I fell asleep before the light went out. :)

I actually got up and went to synagogue before the Torah reading - before morning services at all. And I went without caffeine, so that wasn't good. I managed to keep awake until kiddush and diet Pepsi, but it was a near thing. Big thing was that I noticed that the husband and sons of a friend of mine who is due for baby #8 did NOT show up. As I was going to her house that afternoon, this was very much of interest. Also, our hot water urn got unplugged, so I ended up, when I got home, drinking iced coffee instead of diluting our premade coffee essence with hot water.

Lunch was just the three of us, and was very pleasant. Then we dispersed for more reading and, of course, naps. I left Harold sleeping in the living room when I left for my class.

My friend was still at home and very much pregnant - her husband just hadn't wanted to go that morning, so the boys didn't go, either. The class itself happened - I can improv classes with just a chumash at this point. One day, I'll do a post about this class - a dozen women, most born religious, many daughters of survivors, most older than I am. Most of them mothers, some even grandmothers. I'm sort of. Different. :)

Shabbos ended, we came home, we packed and changed and I packed up the leftovers and Zev drove up in the rental car and we forgot things and, well, we ended up leaving around 8PM. The trip to Cherry Hill, NJ was largely uneventful - we made one stop to change drivers and get caffeine and got to Ian's as about 10PM.

He's a single man with almost no expenses given that he doesn't even have a mortgage on his condo. So he's discovered eBay and has filled his house with toys - mostly models of starships and such. It's very cool, actually. We did sing some songs but it quickly degenerated to talk, which was fun, too. And then people left and people arrived, and around 2:15AM, the house became a dormitory. Since I'm too old to sleep on the floor and too modest to sleep without a hat in company, we left for a motel, taking the rental.

The first motel was full-up. This wasn't awful - we had to go to a night window to find this out and it felt. Sleazy. The next one, the lowest end of a major chain (Rodeway Inn, part of the Choice chain), was much better, although he apologized he could only give us a non-smoking king room.

Oh, poor us. Getting just what we wanted.

By 2:45, we'd unlocked the door and had gotten into jammies. We woke up at abut 9:30, got dressed, went to the "continental breakfast" - oldish coffee and Dunkin' Donuts - ate our own crackers and cheese and went back to Ian's by 10:30. Where we chatted with Ian and his overnight guests until far too late, but we liked them, and Geordie (a lovely fifteen year old girl, with purple hair done by her professional hairdresser stepmother) was watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the first time *ever*, and she was as much fun to watch as the movie. Her stepmother promised to rent the movie as soon as they got home because she couldn't stay to the end. Harold left with that family, and we decided to go to the local kosher place for lunch, and took Ian.

Lunch was delicious - nice Middle Eastern place called Maxim's, and Ian liked playing with the radio button used to call the waitperson. We got back on the road at about 4PM, with Zev at the wheel. We stopped at a rest area for caffeine and mincha and I took over at that point. We hit heavy traffic a couple of times, but got to Brooklyn about 7PM, in time to drop Zev off at a Vort, an engagement party, and drove home.

And then we collapsed. I brought the car back this morning.

And a belated happy birthday to mabfan and maya_a - I hope yesterday was happy for both of you.

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