Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comics March 2, 2004

Mixed bag this week.

Detective Comics #804
Mr. Freeze. The Penguin. Clayface. Now Scarface. All they need are Joker and Twoface (My goodness - Bats has a lot of Nfaces for villains, doesn't he?). And Mr. Freeze is creepier here than he is in Batman, which isn't easy. But this plot is getting more and more complex.

Fallen Angel #19
I like this series. It's clearly Linda grown up - and this would then be the second child she's given up, the first being the little girl she had in the alternate Silver Age style universe, where she married Kal-El and had a little girl. But that universe wasn't supposed to be, and had to end. The little girl is surfing the stars now.

It's taken a kinky turn, which says a lot for this series, including a sexually ambiquous brothel manager.

Lex Luthor Man of Steel #1
Oh, this is lovely. Gorgeous art, and I think this Luthor looks like Michael Rosenbaum. Since I'm not watching Smallville anymore, this makes me happy. And this Lex is trying to do good, although he's not always using the best methods - that is, the way I could picture Smallville's Lex doing.

And he hates Supes because he's afraid that this alien's presence is going to retard or even stop human growth and potential. And I think I'm going to like this series.

Rising Stars #24
I do believe that comics is J. Michael Straczynski's natural medium. And this shows it - it gives him total control over cast and character and story, and even timing.

113 children were affected in utero by a fireball - they given powers, and the government reacted by hiding them away, and the people reacted with fear. And some became heroes and some tried to hide, and others went commercial. And some went mad and killed. And when any of them died, the others became more powerful. Poet was the first one born. He was the last.

Nicely done.

The Intimates #5
Hogwarts for young superheroes. This one was amusing because of "HiveJournal". I felt horribly sorry for the new kid, though.

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