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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

1. Ditto to what every one else is saying about Frienditto (from lori.) Except I don't for a minute believe anyone on my flist is so silly as to use this service, so I don't need to issue any threats.

2. I just finished a Harry/Neville for the Lateblooming Harry/Neville ficathon. It's 1.8K words and definitely not for the under-18 set.

Anyone care to beta?


i can do it, mama, if you don't need it back [looks at clock] within the next, what, hour, or before shabbat begins (i'm totally guessing about when it's getting dark by you these days). i can certainly have it back to you by tomorrow evening.

One hour - exactly right.

And I certainly don't need it until tomorrow night.

Thank you!

addy? Word or text?

agent . reynard at gmail dot com is probably best, and word or text is fine - or text copied and pasted into the e-mail. i am Flexible. :-)