Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Things and things and thngs

1. To all the wonderful people who gave me hugs and support Saturday night - thank you! Last night, the counselor we want to talk to first called, and we will probably be seeing her next week. Then we start the adoption thing. :) Keep us in your thoughts.

2. Happy belated birthday to filkerdave and maya_a - I'm sorry I missed your birthdays. I hope they were happy ones.

3. I seem to have gotten a cold for my anniversary. *shrug* We'll do the nice dinner and the comedy club next week, when we're both better. (He gave me the cold. He also gave me Harold McGee. I love Harold McGee.

4. It's snowing. And I wore the wrong shoes and I'm lugging dinner home. Blah. I'm getting my nails done.

5. What gave me the idea that I could run a convention? Why am I doing it? Why didn't anyone sane stop me? We had a meeting last night, and while it ran smoothly enough and we got much stuff done and I love all of my committee dearly, but I was utterly exhausted when it was over.

6. People to whom I owe stories - I have no idea when I'll finish them. I'm sorry. I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. I'm just...I'm sorry.
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