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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Things and things and thngs

1. To all the wonderful people who gave me hugs and support Saturday night - thank you! Last night, the counselor we want to talk to first called, and we will probably be seeing her next week. Then we start the adoption thing. :) Keep us in your thoughts.

2. Happy belated birthday to filkerdave and maya_a - I'm sorry I missed your birthdays. I hope they were happy ones.

3. I seem to have gotten a cold for my anniversary. *shrug* We'll do the nice dinner and the comedy club next week, when we're both better. (He gave me the cold. He also gave me Harold McGee. I love Harold McGee.

4. It's snowing. And I wore the wrong shoes and I'm lugging dinner home. Blah. I'm getting my nails done.

5. What gave me the idea that I could run a convention? Why am I doing it? Why didn't anyone sane stop me? We had a meeting last night, and while it ran smoothly enough and we got much stuff done and I love all of my committee dearly, but I was utterly exhausted when it was over.

6. People to whom I owe stories - I have no idea when I'll finish them. I'm sorry. I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. I'm just...I'm sorry.


Glad you're feeling better, and best of luck with the counselor (and subsequent path). Definitely keeping you in mind.

Re: 1

Thank you. I hope this works. I just hope all of this works.

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Feel Better Wishes directed southward.

Happy anniversary!

Working on e-mails for con. Other things, caring for like ill child and doing taxes, are being braided in as I work through wording. And force myself to actually focus during the icky snowstorm.

Thank you. This is anniversary season for us. Our Hebrew anniversary was Shabbat; our English is this Thursday. As this is a Hebrew leap year, we'll also be celebrating in about a month. It's all good.

14 years. Unbelievable.

Re: 5

It's one of those things that you have to experience. No possible words can get across how awful it can be (in both the modern and archaic senses).

Surfing from friends flist

Conventions can kill you. Three years of DS conventions and I never want to be on another committee again. EVER. Except under certain circumstances.

I normally run con suites. They let me be more or less autonomous. This is scary.

Yeah, well. I've served on enough committees. But this one I'm chairing. With my complete lack of experience, too.

It will be fine.

I hope.

6. 'tis a gift, not an obligation. please take care of yourself first as that's more important than anything else.

Thank you. I will catch up. I hope.

Just gotta get this, that, Purim and Pesach...ack.


*Hugs* you

Thank you. And we'll get through this, really we will. Many wishes and hopes will be riding with you in your quest.

I'm wearing the wrong shoes, too. They lied. This is (relatively) serious snow. Argh.

I know. We've done it before. We'll be fine.

But I'm looking at the calender, you know?

Why didn't anyone sane stop me?

Well, I DID try and warn you...

But you know I'm always willing to help out at-con.

You just said kaddish for my sanity. Not the same thing. :)

How are you for kids' programming?

Doing stuff on it or coming up with ideas?

I don't have a lot of stuff that's really interesting to kids in my current repetoire, I'm afraid, although if you need it, I can probably come up with something.

Either. Both. And are your kids coming?

Sorry you were ill for your anniversary. Glad to hear you will have other days to celebrate it. Happy Anniversary.
Good luck with the adoption thing. I have no doubt you will make a great mom. Now you just have to convince the adoption folks of that. ;) You'll do fine, I'm sure.
I bet you'll get through chairing the convention, too. That is pretty much what I do for a living. Try to make sure you have all your ducks in a row and all the required tasks theoretically covered. Then don't sweat it too much: Things will go wrong. There will be issues you never thought of that will come up. Chanced are, though, that your convention goers will never know anything was other than just as it was planned.
(I ran a 100+ booth festival on the weekend of the black out the summer before last. We couldn't get into the building (no windows) for our appointed set-up time. The set-up that should have taken us eight to ten hours had to be done in 45 minutes, by about one-tenth the people who were originally supposed to do it. Oy! But, somehow, the whole thing was considered a smashing success. Go figure!) Good luck, though!

I know it'll go fine. I also know I'm going to be a wreck once it's over (but not until it's over.)

You're allowed to be a wreck, then.
Try to not forget to enjoy what you created, too, though!

Catching a cold on your anniversary - poot, I say. And feh, even.

I wish you the best of luck in your search for a child to adopt.

You'll do great as con chair. I'm sure your nerves are similar to those of anyone in that position for the first time. I'm looking forward to the con, and I fully expect it to be as much fun as all the other Floating East Coast Filk Cons were for me :)

You're definitely in my thoughts. Good luck with adoption.