Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

The cold is hitting me, but right now I'm okay - Tylenol Cold helps a lot. Given the course in my husband, the true misery won't strike until Friday or Saturday.

We made the appointment with the counselor - we'll be seeing her tomorrow at 2PM.

Yeah, I'm nervous, but it will be fine. :)

My normal route to work includes one stop on a subway to save me a longish final work. I got to the station in plenty of time and went down the stairs and there was a woman reading Pride and Prejudice, which I am currently rereading in my Palm. (It's sort of default until I can find some nice, long NEW fanfic. Any suggestions?) So I said that,and it turned out to be someone I knew. And she's reading it because her son, a sophomore at Stuyvesant, had had to read it. (And that's impressive. Stuyvesant is one of the three main magnet high schools in NYC, and they take only the best.) And it turns out she'd NEVER read it before. She's loving it, of course, and I'm a little envious. She has all of dear Jane ahead of her.

Then it turned out that the trains weren't running in my direction and I had to climb the steps and and walk, grateful that I have an unlimited card so I didn't waste the fare. And that I'd dressed for the weather - winter boots, leggings, an extra sweater, and a hat over my double layered head scarves. I was ten minutes late to work, but I wasn't uncomfortable.

I'm in a much better mood than yesterday.

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