Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Question of Orthodox Jewish etiquette

I've been invited to a sheva brachos.*

I've been to sheva brachos in the past, but they've all been fannish/casual to one degree or another, so work-level clothing worked fine (or was even more than required.) Or were on Shabbat, so, you know, Shabbat clothes worked fine.

But this is on a weekday night.

What do I wear? Especially since I'll probably be leaving for it right after work?

It's taking place in someone's home. They're not terribly formal people, so that's probably a clue.

I can wear

1. Slightly nicer than usual work-clothes (skirt and sweater)
2. Shabbos type clothing (wool skirt, sweater set, necklace)
3. Slightly casual suit (for which I need to find the skirt. :))
4. Fancier suit that I would need to bring and change into at work.

All would be worn with a matching/coordinating headscarf.

I'm leaning towards number 2 given everything.

* Sheva brachos are a week of dinner parties held after a wedding in honor of the bride and groom. The same seven blessings (sheva brachot) that are said under the wedding canopy are said during the grace after the meal. It's a way of spreading the celebration throughout the community. Each dinner party must have a minyan and each minyan must have at least one man who has not been to either the wedding or previous sheva brachot. It is only after this week that a couple will go on honeymoon, and they may well postpone it even further.
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