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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today is going to be interesting.

Last night, at about 9:20, Jonathan came home with the news that, a few feet from home, he'd twisted his ankle and he was in great pain. He was still waffling about going to the hospital to get it looked at while I served dinner.

Then it started to swell.

We finished dinner, called a cab and went to a smallish hospital fairly close to us with a small ER. We got there just after 10PM. It wasn't especially crowded that we could see - three or four family groups, including another guy limping with a bad ankle, maybe one or two by themselves. And, indeed, over the next hour, the room emptied out. By 11:30 or so, Jonathan had gone through the admission process (not for overnight!) and been x-rayed. An hour later or so, he was sitting in a little room and about to get his foot wrapped up.

And a true emergency came in and that was that. There was the flurry for treatment and then - this was awful - the patient died and they'd brought them to the room where Jonathan was, and he had to go to an anteroom and he could hear them cry. This was wrong, so he walked across the hallway (bad foot bare) leaning on his cane and waited with me in the waiting room, propping his foot up on another chair.

I spent a lot of the night chatting with a woman about my age who'd come in with her boyfriend, who probably had pneumonia and was waiting to see if he'd be admitted or not. And there was the young mother who'd left her baby at home, and who needed a bandage.

Finally, at 2:30, the young woman was treated, my new friend was told her boyfriend had been pumped through with antibiotics and admitted to the hospital, so she could go home, and Jonathan's foot was wrapped and he was given instructions (ice, elevation, ibuprofen, don't sleep in the wrap) - all at the same time by the same efficient nurse. No signs of injury beyond a sprain, thank goodness.

We got a cab, we came home, I made us cheese sandwiches because it had been a long time since dinner and went to sleep about 3AM.

He's still asleep, thank goodness.


A refuah sh'leima to Jonathan!

Thank you!

Eeep! What a night! Another refuah shleimah (I hope I spelled that right) here.

We survived. I told him to work from home today just to avoid stairs.

You spelled it fine. Thank you.

I am relieved the injury is "just" a sprain, and I hope healing is quick and complete. And I hope for the best for all the other patients and families.

I myself don't like spending time in emergency rooms, but am awfully glad they're there when people need them.

Refuah shleimah to Jonathan.
And I hope both of you get caught up on sleep quickly!

Thank you! Sleep...what's sleep?

Emergency rooms are like that.
Any patient (or visitor) will be exposed to many things that they dont want to and that are disgusting.
I think just because the people who work in the ER are immune doesnt mean everyone is.

The only thing I found was disgusting was that Ferguson guy on after Letterman. And "Elimidate" was...less than pleasant.

Things happen.

wow! talka bout overwhelming!


And how are you doing?

3 pm today. c section :) it's coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's your Hebrew name? I'll try to say tehillim then.

Wow. Yeah, we all know that sometimes people die in ERs, but to be right there when it happens...

I hope his ankle heals quickly and that you guys both got enough sleep.

Sleep? What's that? I'm glad I'm not driving anywhere.

Gah. Yeah. I was in the ER once after my dad had a serious bike accident and they brought in a mother and child whose car had hit a tree. They were conscious, and crying out, and it was pretty awful... but no one passed away. That must have been tough to go through.

Refuah shleimah. I'm glad he can work from home, but still, it must be very difficult.

Hope Johnathan isn't in too much pain. Sprains can be worse than breaks for the throbbing.
Try to go to sleep early tonight.
I shudder to think that you were forced to watch Elimidate. I had to have infusion therapy a couple of years ago and Elimidate was a fav of one of the therapists (and I had to trust her with sharp pointy things on a daily basis!!!). I don't think I have ever seen anything quite as insulting to both the senses and the intelligence before, or since. Guhhh!