Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Comics 3/9 and 3/16

Two weeks worth of comics. I had a bad cold last week and couldn't concentrate enough to write reviews. I'm better now.

March 9

Gotham Central #29
Words just aren't enough. This book just gets better and better. These rich, real characters, all human and normal and trying to do their jobs in one city with a vigilante on one side and a slew of psychopaths on the other and they get frozen and killed and poisoned, and then they go to Keystone and for the first time, I'm seeing Keystone from the same sort of POV - the eyes of cops.

And it feels odd - I was hit with the fact that the Flash exists among these normal humans, and it was. Odd. And his Rogues have toys, and they're "unionized" in a way that the Gotham cops are grateful theirs aren't. And they have a profiler.

I love this series. I think, seriously, if I had just read one a month, it would be this.

Nightwing #105
I need to know more about Jason, I see. But he's clearly not Dick, who was in it for love of Bruce, and he's not Tim, who is in it because he has to be - he has the same drives, in a saner mode, as Bruce. He's in it for kicks. This is cool, but then, Dixon gets it.

Green Arrow #48
I still do not like the art, but I'm intrigued by the story and I like Roy competent, and seeing the whole clan. I hate the villain. It's stupid.

JSA #71
I don't know. It's a cute idea to bring the current group back to deal with their counterparts in the past, and the Red Scare but it's not grabbing me.

Superman #214
So Superman wanted to do it better than Jor-El - he wanted to save everyone. But he never asked them. And now it's all coming to a head.

I miss the cute priest.

March 16

Birds of Prey #80
This had much that was cool - Superman on Dinah's speed dial, watching them all fight, Thorn's escape. Coolest of all was Helena figuring out what Babs (as her friends call her) was doing. Because she is a teacher and would figure it out.

I still hate see half of Dinah's rear through her fishnets (and since when is she a redhead? Canary's hair, whether wig or dye, is blonde.) I guess I should be relieved she's not wearing heels. And Helena doesn't even have stockings or stomach protection. I do not like those costumes.

Wonder Woman #214
I'm still loving the gods here. I read a spinoff with these guys. And Ares with his chest o'scars! Yum.

Cheetah, on the other hand - meh. I liked Diana using her remaining senses, and I wouldn't be upset if she either got rid of the scarf completely or just started wearing sunglasses.

Zoom is cool, though.

JLA #112
See, this works. I've stopped reading JLE, but this is where it works - when JLE is used as back-up. And now the Qwardian plot works, and as I'm getting bored with the CSA, good.

I even like the Qwardian politics.

Teen Titans #22
More fallout from Identity Crisis. Dr. Light's angry and he's got Ollie, and the kids and Vic fought so well, and the female Hawk and Dove showed up (and one called Mia "Red Arrow", which I adored) and the whole lot of Titans, even Garth but no Damage, and it was just cool.

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