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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Adoption Counselor

Yesterday, Jonathan and I went to see a counselor about beginning the process of adoption.

It went very well. The counselor thought we were good candidates - in fact, thought that the fact that we're science fiction fans was a plus, because in her experience, SF fans were open hearted and kind and accepting, and those are key for adoptive parents. (Honestly, I thought at first she meant that because we're involved in SF, the *child* will meet such people.) She does know them - in fact, she goes to shul with friends of ours.

She said we were better suited to adopt babies as opposed to older children. We didn't ask why.

She also addressed and validated many of our fears and worries, stressing their normality, even for birth parents. All in all, it worked very well and we do plan to see her a couple more times before we dive in, just to make sure our heads are as straight as possible and to find out what we need to do.

As we continue on this journey, I'll probably want to comment here, but I'd rather do it in a filter. If you want to be in the adoption filter, please comment.

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If you don't mind, please include me in your filter. You probably have guessed that Seth and I may go down the adoption route down the line whether or not we end up able to adopt Julian.

I would like to be on the filter, if you're comfortable with that. No worries if not.

I am curious about the entire process, and would like to be included if you're comfortable with that.

I'm curious as well, but won't be upset if you choose to leave out someone you probably only know from ditzy half-awake LJ posts...

Though I have no personal need to know, I'm interested and would like to be in your filter.

I'm glad the counsellor said that -- it accords with my experience of sf & fandom, but it's nice to know the professionals agree!

Oh, definitely filter me in. I'm very interested!

Me. The man and I are thinking of adopting and I'd like hear about your journey. God bless. I hope you have success! :)


I've been thru 5 home studies/social workers and three adoptions. I have opinions on the topic.

That doesn't, I admit, mean that you'd want to hear them ...

But taking advantage of the window you've temporarily left open, I just want yell GO FOR IT!

I'd like to be on it, please.

I would like to be on this filter.

I'd like to be included.

Have you seen this month's Jewish Action?

We just picke it up last night.

Is there an article about adoption?


I'd like to be included in the filter if that's okay.

I would love to be in this filter! Mazel tov!

I'd like to be on the filter, if you're comfortable with that.

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