Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Random notes

1. My Pakua instructor, Master Eric, has just gotten an advancement - he was wearing a new belt today. He's now a *fourth* degree black belt with a gold line running the length of the belt. (AGL means something special, although I'm not sure what.) He deserves it - he's a wonderful teacher. I'm so happy for him.

2. My bus driver on the way home from Pakua was such a stereotypical Noo Yawker. I mean, he actually said "Fahgedaboudit". Repeatedly. He also honked at people who stuck out too far at intersections and remarked about a doubleparked car ("In Bensonhurst, he'd be on fire already. Fuhgedaboudit!") and cracked off-color Michael Jackson jokes (and apologizing for the off-colorness of the joke.) I sat right up front so I could hear it all. It was fun for the short time I was on that bus.

3. I'm making split pea soup, more or less the way my mom does - beef necks and lots of veggies. I use plain split peas instead of the tubes o' mix, but I like the way mine comes out. My house smells like home.

4. I'm immersing myself in Jane Austen right now. I just finished Pride and Prejudice and am halfway through Sense and Sensibility. And, you know? Mrs Bennet, the eternally silly and stupid mistress of Longbourn had a shining moment that I haven't seen many people notice. It's the scene where Lady Catherine de Bourgh sweeps down to Longbourn to tell Elizabeth not to marry her nephew. And Mrs Bennet behaves beautifully. She's respectful of the lady's rank (and is very pleased to have "a Lady Catherine" grace her home), but she's never obsequious. She gives a tad too much information about her other daughters, but nothing terribly out of line. Otherwise, she's polite and gracious and ignores her ladyship's rudeness entirely. Later on, after Lady Catherine leaves in a huff and without saying goodbye to her hostess, she puts a good face on it. I was rather proud of her there, and wish dear Jane had said something.

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