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I have my period. Why is this worthy of comment? Because it's only been 32 days since my last one, which was only 34 days from the time before that, and this is unprecedented. I've had short cycles before (and believe me, these are *short* cycles for me), but rarely twice in a row like that. I'm required to keep track of my periods for religious reasons, and this is very odd indeed.

Actually, until a couple of years ago, I never bothered to keep track because there was no point at all. My cycles could range from a month (extremely, extremely, extremely rare) to up to a year. Polycystic ovaries, you see. I did notice that when my weight was down or I'd exercised more, they came more often, although even that wasn't guaranteed. The fertility treatments, between the lupron to suppress what cycles I had and the drugs to bring on ovulation, messed even that up, and the year after we finally gave up was pretty much a blank.

Then we noticed I was following some sort of a schedule - I still wasn't keeping track, but it *felt* like every six weeks or so. Having even a vague rhythm was so good that I didn't want to jinx anything. But finally, knowing it was now possible *and* it was required, and having found a "niddah" calendar - a calendar designed to help a woman keep track - that made sense and was easy to use - I started. And I was right. The average was about six weeks.

It was amazing. I could *plan*. I could say, "Well, I probably won't have my period for this event or this trip." Or, "I probably will sometime while away and I should take stuff with me." Lately, that's real easy since I use The Keeper, so it's just a matter of tossing the thing into my suitcase. I could relax during Contata.

I felt almost *normal*, you know?

But this is weird. I've had short cycles, but not in a row. And this is the third one I've had this year, and my dermatologist told me they use glucophage for treating polycystic ovaries. And I'm taking glucophage, and now I'm wondering. Because.

More TMI.

My breasts are small. Not quite B-cups. Except that they grow visibly in reaction to hormones, something I began to notice during the fertility treatments. One of my preperiod signs is that I'm conscious of them when I lie on my stomach and that they fill my bra, and if I lie on my back, they don't totally disappear, and if I cup them in my hand, I don't cover the nipples. And after the period is over, they go back to normal. Except that this time, they didn't. So this time, I didn't get my normal signs.

I'm starting to wonder.

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