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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
More randomness

1. Last night, I managed to do something to my foot (I'm doing that a lot. My right middle finger is still painful, although either less so or I'm getting used to it, and I still don't know how that happened) and getting up the stairs was an adventure. However, since it was on the top of the foot, not the ankle and I don't know what I did, I figured that I'd take some ibuprofen and I'd wake up to stiffness but no actual pain, and that's what happened. I am keeping my shoe tightly laced, though.

2. Spicy kielbasa in leftover split pea soup is delicious. Really, really delicious. Just thought I'd say. (And if you live in Brooklyn - Glatt Mart's store made kielbasa is excellent.)

3. When people do things to "help", it can get really annoying. They disrupt my routine and that can throw me until I can either access or create a strategy to deal with the disruption. This can take minutes or longer sometimes, during which I am actively agitated, and sometimes close to tears. Once I get the strategy, I'm fine. (Question - does this happen to other people?) Also, if there is no routine, I can deal with whatever happens, no problem.

4. I have those sheva brachos tonight. Following the concensus from last week, I'm currently wearing a purple fake sweater set (it's actually one piece) and a midnight blue skirt. I was going to wear a black skirt, so I could have worn my jade necklace and a green headscarf, but the black skirt needed to be washed. This meant an entire change of accessories. I'm still without a necklace, but I'll probably wear my silver dogwood pin, which should work well. We don't know if presents are required, but jonbaker found them a book.

5. I need a couple new icons, I think. One for "kvetching". :)


In regards to number 3, yes I get that way. Mostly directed toward my nanny.


Yeah. Been there, done that, should've had it tattooed on my body instead of just getting the t-shirt, because...damn.


In regards to your foot ...

Does it hurt across the top of your foot up close to the junction of your foot and lower leg, and does it hurt to try to flex your toes upwards?

If so, it sounds as if it might be lace-bind. That happened to me last year, to the point that tryng to do weighted lunges was excruciating. It does take awhile to heal. Until it does, your best bet, if this is what it is, is to actually decrease the tightness of your laces ... about as loose as you can and still not risk twisting your ankle or losing your shoe.

If it is lace-bind, that will gradually help.

At this point, the foot barely hurts - flexing doesn't hurt.

The laces were loose when it happened - I could kick it off when I got home.

You could still wear green, especially if it's dark. Green and purple are complementary colours on the colour wheel. And in the fashion sense, a very dark blue skirt reads as neutral.


(who loves jade)

It's, well, jade green. Clashes with the skirt. Unfortunately.

My wardrobe seems to be amythest and jade. These are my colors.

The necklace was indirectly inherited from my husband's aunt - when his uncle died, we got his late aunt's jewelry box (her own nieces and nephews had already gotten the more valuable ones, of course.) And I found I liked much of her jewelry - still more proof that had I met her before the series of strokes that eventually killed her, we would have gotten along.

#3 totally happens to me.