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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts shallow and deep

There is a young Marine lieutenant in the office. He is tall and redheaded and in a dark blue uniform, and I keep sneaking looks at him. Especially when he left to make a cellphone call...

1. The Federal government has absolutely no place in this, and no one should make political hay out of a family's tragedy.

2. To my husband and others: If I am *ever* (God forbid!) in such a position, do not do anything to hasten my death. Do not starve me to death or deny me essential care. Maybe do not do anything prolong life other than essential care and whatever is needed for comfort, and please consult our rabbi at every turn, but do not hasten it.

Re: an only vaguely related tangent.

Like I said, I wasn't arguing with you in principle. You just hit on a disease that I'm passionate about in that I worked every day talking to people who were just hoping for another week of being able to brush their teeth before they ceased being able to swallow or, you know, breathe.

Were I Terri Schiavo, and were I aware of my surroundings, I would not want to live like that. HOWEVER, I would also prefer living to being starved to death.

Re: an only vaguely related tangent.

For my part, were I in Terri Schiavo's position and totally aware of my surroundings I'd rather live a week or two starving to death, than live for decades trapped in my own body.