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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts shallow and deep

There is a young Marine lieutenant in the office. He is tall and redheaded and in a dark blue uniform, and I keep sneaking looks at him. Especially when he left to make a cellphone call...

1. The Federal government has absolutely no place in this, and no one should make political hay out of a family's tragedy.

2. To my husband and others: If I am *ever* (God forbid!) in such a position, do not do anything to hasten my death. Do not starve me to death or deny me essential care. Maybe do not do anything prolong life other than essential care and whatever is needed for comfort, and please consult our rabbi at every turn, but do not hasten it.


ianmcduff, alexandriabrown, and a few others make the most excellent point that the litigation is primarily procedural, and concerning making sure that Ms. Schiavo's right to due process here is observed points of order. They also not that there are other complicating factors, such as her husband refusing to allow tests that would definitively prove that she is in a PVS, and that her family is afraid that he is letting her die so he can take the money from the resulting malpractice suit and use it to support his mistress and her children, and that -- no matter which side of the situation you believe is right -- the case, as it stands stinks to high heaven. They also make the point that what we are mostly seeing in the papers is spin to either one side or the other.

While everyone is certainly entitled to his/her opinion, I would request that even while espousing one side or the other, we remember that these are only opinions, since many of us do not know all the facts of the case.