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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts shallow and deep

There is a young Marine lieutenant in the office. He is tall and redheaded and in a dark blue uniform, and I keep sneaking looks at him. Especially when he left to make a cellphone call...

1. The Federal government has absolutely no place in this, and no one should make political hay out of a family's tragedy.

2. To my husband and others: If I am *ever* (God forbid!) in such a position, do not do anything to hasten my death. Do not starve me to death or deny me essential care. Maybe do not do anything prolong life other than essential care and whatever is needed for comfort, and please consult our rabbi at every turn, but do not hasten it.


I did some research into both halachic living wills and halachic organ donation today. According to the latter, there are two differing opinions as to what constitutes death. One is breathing, and the other is a beating heart.

She passes in both cases from the Orthodox perspective - that is, she's alive.

Whether she passes from the Catholic perspective, I can't say.

If she has made statements to that effect, then that's something else.

*nod* She certainly does pass those tests. Thank you for the information; it makes intelligent discussion possible with folks who hold by them.

I don't know the Catholic perspective (though I suspect that it's similar to the Orthodox one; in at least a few cases, not even cynically so). But Rivka makes a good point about religion -- specifically, that many individuals (especially US citizens, and doubly especially US Catholics) disagree with their church's doctrines, and assuming agreement is dangerous, at best.

I wish there were a way to end this less painfully. And I certainly wish the hypocrites in the White House and Congress hadn't set up a case in which they can make excuses to tear apart and slam the judicial system in a further power grab towards feudalism. Politics has no place in a matter like this, and it's a shame to expose all those folks' pain to the world.