Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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So, tonight's Purim. Technically, I'm supposed to be fasting, but as a compromise between religion and my doctor, I only fast on major fast days. And I am completely disorganized this year and have not begun making my mishloach manot yet.

Those are the gifts of food to friends that is one of the mitzvot of the day. The minimum is two types of ready-to-eat foods to one friend. In this neighborhood, though, it's become a...thing to give away more and more elaborate and expensive gift baskets, containing all storebought candies and cakes and wine, all done professionally.

I don't do that. Sometimes, like last year, I'll do all storebought, since I don't bake anyway - so it'll be fruit and hamentashen and nuts and maybe pretzels - but I put it together, thank you. :)

This year, it's erev Shabbat. I'm giving away challah rolls, mini grape juices and homemade potato kugel - I found these nice muffin tins that will hold one mini-kugel. And bakery hamentashen because it's a rule or something. That is, I'm giving a miniature Shabbat.

All I need is my groceries. Then I can grate the potatoes (by hand, of course), mix in the eggs and oil and matzo meal and salt and pepper (I have no idea of quantity yet) and pour into greased muffin tins and one round pan, and bake them. Then I can assembly line them into boxes.

And, as tomorrow is going to be busy (going to Pa-kua, going to friend's house for the seuda, and then doing Shabbat stuff), here's my yearly posting of my Purim Torah.

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