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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Taken from everywhere

1. Comment with any relationship from a fandom that you know I like, or hate, or at least have some knowledge about.
2. I will ramble for (give or take) 100 words as long as I feel like about aforementioned relationship . This may be incoherent gushing or exclamations of disgust, depending on what it is.
3. Put this on your LJ, if you are so inclined.


Ron/Hermione. (Somebody had to do it. Well, maybe nobody had to do it.)

Ah, canon!ship!. Or, maybe. It seems like it would work - I mean, they do complement each other so well, which is why they work as Harry's best friends. And they do bicker like a married couple, which is another clue. But I'm not so sure anymore. Hermione has ambitions - not that that should be a problem in the ostensibly egalitarian Wizarding World - but would Ron be happy being a house husband? And while Ron certainly isn't stupid, his intelligence isn't directed towards academia. They'd need something to talk about, you know?

I can see them dating for awhile, even being each other's first, but then deciding they were friends. And then Ron can be with Luna.

Also, your icon speaks only truth.


One of the prettiest pictures in fandom. They strike such interesting sparks off each other in PoA, don't they? It's hidden in OotP, because Sirius drowns out everything, but it's there in PoA. And we don't know what went on behind the scenes in PoA, but it's entirely possible poor Snape's heart was broken. He already had sufficient reason to hate Sirius before.

Let's see what happens now that Remus is all alone again.

*nods* I completely agree. Remus wouldn't do anything with Sirius around, but if Sirius were "irretrievably" gone, he would need someone...and Severus completely fits...



Ethan/Terrence (LMBverse) :)

See, this is a classic pairing in so many ways. Ethan is clearly in love with Terrance, and was so at first sight - he's exactly Ethan's type, including the need to be rescued. And now we have Terrance - poor, straight Terrance - trapped on a world of only men with a kind, sweet and wonderful man he already likes, and raising their children together. He's half-promised already, so he's not against the idea. And that scene would be amazingly hot.

Maybe I'll write it one day.

I really wish you would, because Lois won't, and I'm pants at writing fic in universes I don't secretly want to fix. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I don't know enough about Mia yet to say much, and Bart's still pining after his junior high school sweetheart (and maybe crushing on Tim a little.) But an adult Bart whose sorted out his sexuality and having his feelings for Tim destroyed by what he's become and there's Mia to help out - it's entirely possible. I'm not sure I like it, but I don't like a lot about the relationships postulated in that future.

As for Darcy and Wickham - :)

Wickham had an enormous crush on Darcy. They grew up together, until Darcy went to public school (and met Bingley.) And there was one summer holiday when they spent a great deal of time riding and fishing and being tegether,and even exploring each other as boys do - hands, mostly and frottage. But then Wickham thought he'd try a spot of blackmail, but Darcy refused to go along, and Wickham knew no one would believe him.

They've hated each other ever since.