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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

rosehiptea asked for Ron/Hermione.

ariestess asked for Snape/Lupin.

ataniell93 asked for Ethan/Terrance from the LMBverse.

vassilissa asked for Mia/Bart (Teen Titans) and Darcy/Wickham (Pride and Prejudice).

Any more?


pocketnaomi asked for Ellie Quinn/Ivan Vorpatril.


ailsaek asked for Elli/Taura or Elli/Taura/Bel.


tigerbright asked for Holmes/Watson and a touch of Mrs.Peel/Steed.

nights_caress asked for Jim/Blair.

rynia asked for Ivan/Byerly.


From Bujold: Ivan VorPatril and Elli Quinn.

Ivan and Elli?

Ivan is terrified of Elli. She's brilliant and competent and he insulted her when she was at her most vulnerable and she's very much like, well. His mother. Of who Ivan is terrified (and for good reason.) Elli, of course, thinks Ivan is an idiot and doesn't understand why Miles puts such store by him.

HOwever, if it did happen, she'd be in for a pleasant surprise. :)

Manny and I worked out a whole complicated novel plot in which Ivan ends up having to work with Elli on something offplanet and ends up with them both realizing that the other is actually a lot more interesting than previously assumed. He's obviously not going to find anyone on Barrayar at this point. :)

No, at this point, his only Barrayaran option is By, and I don't think either he or his mother will go for that. (Not so certain about By, either.)

That's a very cute scenario. I like it. (Madam Vorpatril. Terror of the Spacelanes. And her husband.)

Yeah. It basically involved something weird happening involving a combined Barrayaran/ offworld conspiracy that was threatening to screw over the Vorpatril. Someone had to go deal with the offworld end of it, preferably someone still in Impsec, which would be Ivan, and Miles had to stay behind to try to clean up the Barrayaran end. So Ivan's off with Elli chasing down international conspirators, which lets him realize she's reasonable and her realize he is competent; meanwhile, Miles manages to cut a deal on Barrayar which will make things okay for the family there, but in the process causing a political hoopla that it would really be better for everyone if Ivan didn't walk back into until things had had a few years to calm down. Which of course utterly infuriates Ivan -- Miles has screwed up his life for him yet again -- until he admits to himself that staying with Elli for the foreseeable future is not actually the worst thing that could happen to him...

Heh. Bouncing off that, Elli/Taura, or an Elli/Taura/Bel threesome (yes, I know the military rank thing is a problem here).

If Elli/Taura happens (and it's clear neither of them have any problems with the whole military rank thing, given Miles and all) - it would be interesting. And fun. And happen after Miles sends them his wedding invitations so they can, you know. Console each other.

Taura is very good, too. If she can be with Miles without injuring him, she can certainly be with Elli.

As for E/T/B - I have a harder time fitting when it would happen. No, I don't. It would happen during the Search for Miles in Mirror Dance. Bel would enjoy itself thoroughly, too.

Again, comfort but it would be sweet, too.

Well, there's what rubynye teasingly calls my OTP. Holmes/Watson. Except that both of them are so damn *repressed* that it seems unlikely that they would ever actually *do* anything about it.

I adore Emma Peel (of The Avengers) but I can't see her actually doing anything with Steed other than tease him. But that in and of itself could be a fun story. :)

Holmes and Watson. Oh, my, yes. Watson even tried to get married once, if not twice to get away from the man, but ended up living with him anyway. As for Holmes - the only woman he fell for was one completely and utterly unavailable, and therefore safe. If they could get through their scruples, life would be better for both of them.

Assuming Holmes actually has a sex drive, that is.

As for Mrs. Peel and Steed - it's been too long for me to have an opinion. I'm sorry.


While not my first slash love, one of my most enduring.

Ah, canon. We do love our boys, don't we? It's not so much that they're in love, although they are *so much* in love that it hurts, but that it's impossible to imagine anyone, woman *or* man, getting in between them. This is the most intense relationship either will ever have, even if you don't buy the mystical connection. They're pretty much stuck with each other. They might as well enjoy it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

LMB is wonderful, isn't she?

Ivan would have to get drunk. He's stuck on Barrayar. The women his age are married or off-planet. The younger women are married, off-planet, dating nonVor or building careers. Or all four. And they don't want to hook up with an idiot who shows no signs of wanting to get married. Although he's now very ready to get married. The sexy older ladies he does love so much (and who like him as a boytoy, too) are busy or not interested or scared of his mother (and one is a man now). That's even if they're not married now.

So, he's getting drunk. And he's desperate, and By has a sweet smile and maybe he's good with that mouth, and, hell, it's only one night.

But he does remember it in the morning.