Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

We are entering into Passover negotiations.

The point is my mother - where does she go which night? In previous years, it was easy. Either we're spending Passover the in-laws and my mom and my brother just come one night and then they each go to friends the other night, or we're staying home, and they come to us one night and my inlaws the other. Yes, they drive. I can't do anything about that. They'd drive anyway.

This year, she has a boyfriend. She had the boyfriend last year, but it was still early in their relationship and his family has their (singular) seder on a convenient night. This year, they're living together, and as Passover falls on a weekend this year, they'll probably pick one of the first two nights. Since they only have the one, and we want both Mom and Lenny, we'll defer to them the choice of night (especially since they've also invited my brother. I have yet to meet them. This can't be remedied until after Passover because I need my Sundays to clean.)

This means telling my inlaws they can't have them either night. We'd also like my brother-in-law one night. The vegetarian.

As I said. Negotiations. (Is it easier or harder when there's only one night?)
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