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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Random entry

1. I had a pedicure Sunday (also a manicure, but I'm now used to those.) Next time, I will take reading material onto the pedicure chair with me. Next time should be in about six or so weeks. And as I'd banged my toes about during my pa-kua class earlier, the manicurist thought my feet were really, really tense. I got a nice massage out of it, though.

2. No more Improvement classes until after Passover. I can't take two-three hours out of Cleaning Day.

3. I have coffee. This is of the good.

4. I now have bus and hotel reservations for ConneXions, and I have confirmed my micro/fridge. I'm getting food in microwavable containers to take with me - hot food at a con...what a concept. I'm even getting cashew chicken for dinner on Saturday and soup for dinner both nights. Yay! (Everything will be double wrapped for kashrut.)

5. Watched The Amazing Race last night. That Rob and Amber were on another reality show twice and won (technically, she won, but really it was him) doesn't bother me. That Rob is *playing* the game to win makes me happy. That the other teams started out hating them just because of who they are bothers me a lot. That people think that they don't "deserve" to win because they've already won - no. The only people who "deserve" to win are the winners.

That they've been obnoxious to the other teams - meh. They started out that way, but it seems to be a competition.

They should have given the one team a couple of bucks (in this season, when someone comes last in a non-elimination leg, they lose everything but their passports and the clothes on their backs), but it's a race, and they're not going to help anyone else have a chance, and they didn't lie, either (other team, "We'll give you later." Was no later - other team got eliminated.)

But they should have stopped for a second and rolled down their window and asked if the brothers were okay when they drove past the accident site.

But it's not earth shattering and I do suspect that had it been them, other teams would have cackled as they rode by.

6. Not sure if I taped House last night. Can anyone give me a url?

7. Why, yes. I am bored. :)


You can bit-torrent House here: http://btefnet.net/index.php?show=96

Have fun at the con!

Thank you!

I need to do a squee!post on how much I love this show. Because I do.

kashrut question

(Everything will be double wrapped for kashrut.)

How does one safely double-wrap for microwaving? (I thought steam vents were mandatory.) There's a microwave in the staff room at work which I can't kasher (can't take the time to clean, etc) but would love to be able to use.

Re: kashrut question

Anecdotal advice...
I'm not sure if this completely ok with microwave manufacturers and/or rabbis, but what I always do is wrap my plastic container in saran wrap, or I put it in a plastic bag (either a vegetable bag from the supermarket or a shopping bag) and knot it shut, then microwave the food like normal. I don't vent it, and the only times I have ever had a problem was if I bought the food from the pizza store and the plastic container was very thin to begin with.
I hope that helped.

I am sorry I missed Amazing Race last night, but I was busy getting lost in Chinatown on my way to El Caribe. Reading your recap makes me feel better about missing it.

Btw, I have Sheva Brachot in Brooklyn this Sunday at Garden of Eatin'. Would you like to meet in person if you aren't too busy? (if I recall, you leave somewhat nearby - I have my car so I can drive over to you) I don't know how much time I can spend as I have a wedding in Newark in the afternoon but I would love to finally meet you :)

I will be in Baltimore this weekend. :( Not getting back until 10PM.

Drat! Well, we'll have to try again.

I don't think Rob and Amber should've been allowed on The Amazing Race simply because they're not 'unknown' people. They are receiving an unfair advantage from people who recognize them and, for reasons I can't see, actually like them. Their recognizability factor is what put some teams off - their lying did it for others. The fact that they won on another show was also a factor, but had they won a lottery in Jersey that wasn't televised around the world then the only advantage they may have is in Jersey.

Driving by an overturned car was inexcusable, race or no. The brother's cameraman was hurt and subsequently replaced. The 'win at all costs who care's if someone could be bleeding to death attitude' shows me just what these people are about and the fact that the other teams shun them doesn't surprise me.

With you all the way there. That was disgusting.

And he turned to the camera and grinned, SO pleased with himself for his cleverness in not caring about the well-being of others.

I'm hoping that their behavior doesn't lead to an influx of conniving, smirking, self-satisfied bores in future seasons of the show.