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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I had a wonderful time.

I took the bus from NYC to the Travel Plaza, which meant I woke up at 6:15AM, but it was worth it. The bus was half empty, which meant I had a double seat to myself, which makes life so much more comfortable. I had plenty to read, it's fun watching the highway and I got to listen to the girl in front of me talk on the cellphone the entire way. (She went to Ramaz, she's currently going to medical school, most of her friends are getting married, she's concerned about Shabbat, she went to Stern College - it was rather fascinating.)

I got to the hotel a bit early to get a room, so I stashed my stuff at the reg table and wandered. The bag to hold the badge was very useful - it's going to all future cons with me. I wandered through the dealer's room and went to a panel and met and hugged people. At 2PM, I went back to the front desk, but still no room, so I went to another panel. AT this point, though, I was getting anxious. Sunset was still a good way away, but my food needed to get into a fridge. And then there was a long line at 3PM, and I...I'm not proud of this. I got upset.

But they gave me my room - two double beds just for me. And I got my fridge/microwave combo, too. I put my food in the fridge, unpacked (long experience at cons has taught us that unpacking for the weekend makes life much easier, assuming there is sufficient drawer/closet space) and plugged in my chargers and the timer for the lights, plus preparing in other ways for the Sabbath.

As I had plenty of time, again, I enjoyed the con some more before heading back up to the room to shower and change and call my husband to say "Good shabbos". I put the food I wanted hot in the microwave and then wrapped it in towels and put it back in the cooler to stay warm until I was ready to eat.

It would have been logistically difficult to manage Shabbat dinner at the banquet, so while it's not fun to eat by myself, it was the best thing to do. I'm also glad I got the gefilte fish, since it made the meal last longer than fifteen minutes.

I went to the mezzanine (not a bad trip down the stairs from the 8th floor) and chatted with people until the vid show - and what a vid show!

It made me realize what a unique show Starsky and Hutch was - in no series before or since have the two male leads been so physical and emotional with each other. While there were some iconic scenes that showed up in most of the vids, there was enough more that you can see what a rich source it was.

On the other hand, pervy underage wizard fancier that I am, I was still bothered a little by one of the HP vids - the one about Harry/Snape. The one where he had a crush on Oliver - that was fine. The creepy one with the Malfoys was clearly meant to be creepy. Even the one about stroking the broomsticks was just, you know. Funny. But somehow, showing Snape having a crush on an 11 year old...*shrug*

I went to bed early.

I got up early, too, in time to say morning service and make kiddush (wine for breakfast. Yum.) Then I went down to breakfast, where I chatted with katallison. The coffee was good and the server was kind enough to give me disposable utensils, so I could eat my fruit salad in good conscience. And raisin bread is good untoasted and buttered. I had a panel at 10AM - "HP: 2 Living Canons." - along with Jenna and gblvr. Still looks like the name of a rap group. It went very well - we mostly only had to point to people with their hands up.

I hung out in the con suite for a while, because we were continuing the HP talk there. I had some more coffee. Then I went back to my room for Shabbat lunch, and so the con went. I especially enjoyed the "Spirituality and Slash" panel late on Saturday. Went back to the room to have my ritual third meal and to nap a bit. I got to see the begining of the Sizzlers before it was 7:14 and Shabbat was over. I went back to the room (with the elevator!) to say the service and change my clothes and call my husband and made it back for the end of the auction. Lovely stuff and a wonderful auctioneer.

Saw the premier vids, and then went to various parties. Ended up staying at the HP party, where I was sorted Slytherin. As if. I have nothing against Slytherin, but I identify with Ravenclaw, and I've been sorted in mixed quizes into Huffleclaw. So I traded for Hufflepuff. (Not a Gryffindor, either, and would have traded that away, too.)

The game was "Guess my Name." I was Madame Maxime and I got it in three guesses. (My first question was, "Am I human?". They said, "Half." And I wasn't Hagrid.)

And then there was Password and then I decided to go to bed. I changed my clock radio and my watch and read for a while - long enough that the pda told me to change the time.

I got up way too early. So, in an effort to wake up, I did some training (in my pa-kua pants and a sports bra.) to the news. And then took a shower.

The coffee was on the weak side yesterday morning, but I had breakfast with a charming woman whose name I have forgotten who works for the meterological service. And toast is nice.

I went up and packed and checked out, and stored my stuff in the coat check room. I visited the dealer's room, but I was not destined to spend any money there. And I had a nice chat with sorka and brak and Minotaur and Anne.

Martha's Starsky and Hutch panel was fun, and the panel on fandom and health with MJ and thebratqueen and me went well - we had a surprising showing, given the Stargate panel in one room and Minotaur's Q&A in the Do It Yourself room. And it ended up positive and, I hope, useful.

Maybe next time I'll do another martial arts one.

We ended with MJ's panel on Fannish Manners, and that was also fun.

Then I gathered my things and went to the bus station and basically had dinner with Martha and a few others - met Martha's son Ian, too. (My purse strap broke when I got to the station. I stuffed it into my backpack, but it's not worth fixing a second time. I'm in the market now for a messenger bag.) The bus schedule had changed, so instead of going on a 5:40 bus, I waited for a 6PM one and when that was full, they sent an empty one at 6:15 or so. Again, I had the double seat to myself, and napped on my way home. I still got to the Port Authority at 9:55.

And then I was home and in my own bed with my own husband.

cell phone users

People talking on cell phones can be so funny. Motcha was on the bus with a man who spent the whole ride talking to someone about a business deal. Motcha was getting annoyed because he was trying to nap. Finally, the man on the cell phone said, "Don't tell anyone. You and I are the only ones who know about this." Motcha turned around and said, "What do you mean? The whole bus knows!"

Re: cell phone users

That is so very Mordechai! I can just hear him.

Re: cell phone users

BTW, are you in touch with Sarah Cole? Do you know how her mother is doing? I worry about her being alone so much. I considered taking her in as a boarder (we have the space, but we need to make improvements), but Mordechai is against it, thinking it would be too much work for me.

We ended with MJ's panel on Fannish Manners, and that was also fun.

I would be interested in hearing more about that, if you wanted to elaborate; if you don't, though, that's cool.

Sounds like a grand con, and I'm glad you had a good time!

It was largely about proper behavior at conventions - if there are actor guests, don't shove slash (or any other sort of fanfic about them) in their faces. Do not ask personal questions. If you happen to find out something personal (like becoming aware that the actor you're sharing a smoke with is actually cruising the parking lot for other guys), don't let it become public knowledge.

When around other fans at, say, conventions, don't assume that just because you know them online that you know them in real life. Don't run up and hug someone you've never met in person before unless you know they want to be hugged. Don't proposition them, either. :) If you're sharing a room, try to avoid embarrassing situations (like a roommate stumbling into a graphic demonstration of femmeslash).

Basically, considerate human behavior. Which may not be obvious to everyone.

Basic good behavior. I mostly do that at cons.

One fairly recent Lunacon, a friend arranged crash space for three of us- three women- and the room owner was male. Not that anything happened. But I was uncomfortable. The past two Lunacons, I rented the room.


PS MamaDeb, the new Lunacon hotel is rather nice. It has the problem of the con rooms not on the same floor, but that can be dealt with.